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Today, on our #5MinutesOfFame spotlight, we have the oh-so-chic Avantika Mohan, who loves to add a sprinkle of thrill and radiance while creating her content. Apart from being an adventure junkie, this woman loves to layer up and experiment with style.

If there’s one word that we would use to describe Avantika Mohan, it would be ‘Elegant’. Avantika has been able to carve her own niche in the influencer marketing world though her lifestyle and travel influence. Growing up, she had heavily invested in her mother’s boutique, which sparked her interest in fashion, early on. In the year 2016, she finally started taking it seriously by creating her own take on fashion on Instagram. As a Mommy of two beautiful babies, she also shares stories of her motherhood. And wait, she loves goofing around with her kids and husband, giving us all a good belly laugh.

Avantika is no stranger to travel. Did you know that Avantika worked as a flight attendant for 14 years? In total, she has traveled to 78 countries till now and wishes to explore more. Lucky for us, she has been giving her followers a tour of these places virtually every time she travels. 

We’re glad to have Avantika Mohan on #5MinutesOfFame, where influencers share their real stories and experiences so that you can know them a little bit better. 

Tell us an inspirational moment that made you the person you are today?

There is never actually one moment that defines you or make you the person you are today. It’s always an amalgamation of different events in your life that makes you the person you are. Having said that, I don’t consider myself to be very successful because I think there is more to me than meets the eye.

Let me tell you a story. 

I always make sure that I offer anyone who comes to my house a glass of water, even if it’s a courier person. When I was young, my father used to work in a factory. Once, on a hot, summer day, my parents and I had gone to visit the owner of the factory on a scooter. And you won’t believe it, they didn’t even let us into their house despite it being very hot. They didn’t even ask us if we wanted water to drink. At that moment, I remember feeling small. I could sense the fact there was someday who thought that they were better than my family and not even worthy of being offered water. Since then, I always made it a point to offer water to anyone who would come to my house.

We all have idols we look up to. Who was yours growing up and, why? 

I look up to my parents, more than anyone. Growing up, I remember my mother working extremely hard because my father, at one point, was really unwell. In fact, I too used to work with her. No matter what my mother had to do to make ends meet, you could never sense the tiredness within her. She never complained too, and that has inspired me a lot.

Also, as a kid, I used to look up to Mother Theresa. I had met her once when she had come to the convent school I studied at. Inspired by her, I would actually go and help people who were in need. If I ever saw a kid who was sick in class or anyone, as a matter of fact, feeling helpless, I would go and offer help. Once I saw a child on the street who could not speak. The child was lost so I took that child under my shelter and looked out for the parents. People at school even started called me Mother Theresa, which was really funny.

What did you want to be when you grew up? 

As a child, I wanted to be a flight attendant and Miss India. My father was in Bhutan, way back in the ‘80s and ‘90s (yes, I am very old). During that time, we used to take a flight from Delhi to Guwahati. During one of my travels, an air hostess from Air India came towards me with a tray of toffees. I was only supposed to take one. And I remember thinking to myself how lucky that aunty was because she could gorge on the toffees all by herself. 

I wanted to be the aunty. In fact, I became the aunty for 14 years.

Who is your Instagram inspiration, and why? 

My Instagram inspiration is *drum roll, please* That Boho Girl. When I was pregnant, I was going through a very low phase in the beginning because I had depression. But, when I used to look at her stories (at that point, neither of us knew each other) on Snapchat and posts on Instagram, I would genuinely feel happy. She has the ability to touch your heart, which is so rare.  While everybody else can be beautiful to your eyes, she has the capability to touch your soul. I am so happy that I got to know her in person.

Crazy #hashtags you’re hooked onto at the moment 

Since I love to travel and try out new things, my go-to hashtag at the moment is #MyDubai. Follow the hashtag now!

Which is the dream brand you’ve always wanted to work with, and why? 

Oriflame! If you are part of the ‘90s generation, you must have definitely heard about aunties selling these. When I was very young, my mother and I would go door-to-door to sell products by Oriflame. I remember trying to convince a lot of my mother’s customers to try the products out only so that they would purchase it. So yeah, I would love to have a brand partnership with Oriflame.

Where do you find your creative inspiration from? 

As a content creator, I do whatever I can to ensure that my content creates value for the people who follow me. But, I would also like to think that it is unique not to be super-creative; at least I don’t fall under the bracket that follows trends. I just love doing my own thing.

If not an influencer, which career path would you have chosen? 

I would have totally been a radio jockey, and maybe, a salesperson.

FUN FACT:  I love selling things and listening to my own voice.

How would you like to be remembered? 

A kind person!

 Kindness is something I would like to be defined as.

We hope Avantika’s words made your day as much as it did ours. 

Hold your horses, as we have more of your favorite people on the ‘gram coming soon on our blog series, #5MinutesOfFame!