LinkedIn Influencers That You Must Follow in 2023

Looking back, LinkedIn used to be exclusively known as the platform for driven and determined professionals – a space for movers and shakers, if you will. With how much it has evolved since then, it’s hard to believe that was the extent of it. With the advent of influencer marketing, LinkedIn has undergone a significant transformation from a mere job search platform to a job creation platform. Today, individuals can utilize the power of their personal brand and become full-time LinkedIn influencers, creating lucrative career opportunities on the platform.

Before we talk about ‘who’ are the LinkedIn influencers, let’s understand ‘what’ are LinkedIn influencers.

Rather than focusing on a particular niche, LinkedIn influencers are known for their ability to offer unique perspectives and thought-provoking insights on a wide range of professional topics. They are viewed as experts in their fields, and their opinions and advice are often sought after by others in their industry.

LinkedIn influencers are less about promoting a particular product or brand

And more about sharing their knowledge and experience to help others succeed in their careers. They are seen as trusted advisors and mentors, whose insights and guidance can help others navigate the challenges of their profession.

Overall, the concept of a LinkedIn influencer is less about cultivating a specific image or persona, and more about building a reputation as a respected and knowledgeable professional in one’s field. It’s a platform where thought leadership and expertise are highly valued, and where individuals who are able to provide valuable insights and perspectives can gain a significant following and influence.

LinkedIn strongly promotes the influencer stance on the platform with LinkedIn Influencer Program. In fact, it started even before Instagram influencers became a thing. 

What is the LinkedIn Influencer Program?

LinkedIn has an invite-only influencer program that is limited to 500 people only. LinkedIn influencers are the world’s thought leaders, experts, innovators, and thinkers of a specific industry who put out organic, quality content to a big LinkedIn audience.

Here are the top LinkedIn influencers from different niches that you can follow or connect with. 

  1. Karthik Srinivasan

2. Ankur Warikoo

3. Apurva Purohit

4. Divya Purohit

5. Kamalika Poddar

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