All You Need To Know About The New Instagram Feature For Brands And Creators- 2023

Instagram is like the motherland of influencer marketing. There are other social media platforms as promising as Instagram, but this platform held its ground. Every year Instagram rolls out new features to keep evolving, to keep up with other platforms, and to keep proving why it is a superior marketing platform for many brands and influencers alike. 

As 2022 is near its end, Instagram has been testing two new features

  1. Internal scheduling feature
  2. Achievements feature

Every year, or even quarterly, Instagram comes up with new additions to enhance it’s user experience. Since it’s inception it has come a long way from being a photo sharing platform to an influencer marketing platform/business platform.

Instagram never fails to listen to it’s users. It’s always on it’s toes to bring it’s A game. The launch of Instagram Reels in 2019 is the living proof of it. The band of Tik-Tok across many countries opened a new path for Instagram. Making Instagram Reels became so desirable amongst the brands, creators, and other users that even Tik-Tok users used this new feature to it’s fullest. Similarly, Instagram Reels for small businesses have proven massively profitable. Instagram Reels have their own set of pros and cons but you cannot deny that they are so engaging that hours can pass scrolling through them and you would not realize till the dawn is upon you.

In conclusion, so far, all the new Instagram features have been a huge success. Here’s what you need to about the new features launched by Instagram in the fourth quarter of 2022.

  1. Post scheduling

Brands and creators can now schedule their posts on Instagram internally. Earlier, there were varied third-party influencer marketing tools that were used for scheduling. But now it can be done internally. All you need is an Instagram business account (for brands) or an Instagram creator account (for influencers and creators). If you are confused about which type of Instagram account should you have, then you should check out this creator account vs business account article.

2. Achievements

Instagram has found a new way to reward it’s users for their stellar efforts in creating Instagram Reels. The achievements feature on Instagram Reels will notify the users every time they reach a new milestone aka some parameters of success set by Instagram. “We’re also launching Achievements to celebrate the effort creators are putting into their Reels which is testing globally”, says Instagram in it’s announcement post.

Both this updated features of Instagram are available for users with Instagram professional account. With this update, content monetization on Instagram is more efficient and convenient. What other new Instagram features are you looking forward to in 2023?

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