Typography is a powerful brand tool when used consistently. This
set of typefaces best represent the bold and modern feel of the
brand and should be used across all print and web applications.


This is Raleway Black. Our primary typeface for headers.

This is Raleway Bold. Our primary typeface for second headers.

This is Poppins Semibold. Our secondary typeface for headers

This is Poppins Medium. Our secondary typeface for headlines.

This is Poppins Regular. Our typeface for body text.
This is Poppins Light. Our typeface for body text.
This is Vaughan. Our typeface for highlight.

Display Styles

Display styles make a bold visual statement. Use them to create

impact when the main goal is visual storytelling.

WORD in Pink BG WORD in Pink & White
WORD Typography WORD Typography Guide
WORD Typography Guidelines WORD Typography Blue BG
WORD Typography White BG WORD Typography Blue & Pink

Typography Applications

Typography in social media

WORD Typography Numbers WORD Brand Typography

Typography in Website

WORD Brand Typography Guide WORD Brand Typography Guidelines

Typography in Emailers

WORD Typography Stats WORD Typography Purple BG