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Today, on our #5MinutesOfFame spotlight, we have the handsome hunk, Akash Choudhary on-board. The young and talented star rose to fame when he participated in the reality TV show Splitsvilla. But, little do many people know that Akash made his first TV appearance in Channel V’s Dare to Date series.

If there’s anything to go by Akash’s journey to fame, it’s that if you believe in your dreams, you will achieve it. 

We’re glad to have Akash Choudhary on #5MinutesOfFame, where influencers share their real stories and experiences so that you can know them a little bit better.

Tell us an inspirational moment that made you the person you are today?

I don’t remember any inspirational moment that made me what I am today, because I think life is all about evolving. Your dreams and aspirations change with time. However, the one thing that was constant, ever since I was a child, was that I have always dreamt of being in the spotlight. I loved being on the stage. And, I was an extremely competitive person. During my school days, I would participate in all sorts of creative events and would give my heart out. So, I think my inspiration has always been about being in the limelight; for being known among the popular kids.

We all have idols we look up to. Who was yours growing up, and why?

Believe it or not, I have never had any idol in my life. I think nobody is perfect. I have picked up traits from every person, whomsoever I have liked at the time, and tried to inculcate it in myself. I am my own inspiration because if you see my journey over the years, I was somebody else a while back. Now, I am somebody new, in terms of all aspects. This transformation has happened because I believe in learning and picking up new traits that builds my personality. That’s how I have grown in my life.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I never knew that I wanted to be an actor or model. But, growing up, I was pretty adamant about being famous and well-known. I wished to be somebody whom people would look up to. When I walked down the street, I wanted people to recognise me. You know, it’s a different feeling altogether. To be recognised on national television or when I hit the streets. That was what I wanted deep-down, and I can definitely say for a fact that I have achieved it.

Who is your Instagram inspiration, and why? *

So this is tricky because, when I joined Instagram, the idea of an influencer at that time was very different. I am talking about back in 2015. That time, blogging was all about influencing and Instagram was just used as a personal social media profile. I started back then, and at that point of time, there were hardly any influencers. But I remember a lot of them taking advice from me to be a great blogger, and fortunately, they are doing great in life today. So I think, there wasn’t really any inspiration when I started. But I want to believe that I have been an inspiration for many.

Crazy #hashtags you’re hooked onto at the moment 

#StayHomeStaySafe and #QuarantineLife!

 I think that’s the mantra of 2020. If you survive this year, I think you are the luckiest person. 

2020 has been hard. What has changed in your life, personally and professionally? 

2020 has changed my life immensely. I’ll tell you why!

I was a very impatient, outgoing person. I would work 30 days in a month and constantly keep myself occupied. I hated being bored. But, this year, I understood what it means to be patient and content in life. I have found peace with myself. During the initial days of the lockdown, I was very hyper, paranoid, anxious, but now I have made peace with it. So, I think I have become a better person altogether. I have learned to respect things more by giving time to myself and channelising my thoughts about what I want and how I want things. I have become wiser and positive right now, which wasn’t the case earlier.

On the professional front, there was no work that made me think of other ways I could earn a living. I started to question myself – If not an influencer, who am I supposed to be? I even realised that off-late, brands have started asking us favours, owing to unprecedented times. But what they fail to realise is that being an influencer is a full-time job. We need to be respected too because we also have to earn. A person’s art cannot be degraded under the pretext of favous. I have always believed that if you’re good at something, you need to get paid for it.

Which is the dream brand you’ve always wanted to work with, and why? 

Calvin Klein and Dior!

 These brands have never done influencer marketing in India because they are highly niche. I would love to work with them as it will make me a better model and give me more confidence in the industry.

Where do you find your creative inspiration from? 

You’ll find this answer quite interesting!

Whenever I create any content, I don’t think of it from a content creator’s point of view. I always think in the perspective of a director. So, if it’s a video, I visualise each scene and write a screenplay. If it is a picture, I would be more concerned about the editing, the location, and my angles. I get inspiration from the smallest of things. For instance, if I find a stool, I will think of ways I can use the stool creatively. I believe that you can create anything with any surrounding. Beauty totally lies everywhere; you just need to know how to channelize it.

If not an influencer, which career path would you have chosen? 

A lawyer or a PR consultant!

Many of you wouldn’t know about this but before getting into modeling, acting, and influencing, I worked with a PR firm. I have also studied law, even though I didn’t complete it. But if I had, I would have definitely become a lawyer!

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