Create Beautiful Video Content While being At Home


Influencer marketing is not an easy job, as most people think. You are working from home during this quarantine period and still want to create high impact and visually appealing professional videos to impress your audience. A tough nut to crack, right?

While it may appear to be a daunting task upfront, there are certain video techniques which you can use at home that will help you create your own branded content.


Get Your Filming Equipment in Top Shape

Whether you shoot your professional video from a DSLR or your phone’s camera, the trick is to use it the right way. While a DSLR makes the job easier, if you are planning to shoot using a phone, ensure that the camera is in landscape mode and is properly mounted to avoid blurred and tilted videos.

It is also advisable to invest in a good microphone which extracts clear and crisp sounds, making your video interesting to watch.

Maximise The Use of Sunlight

The difference between an amateur and a professional video boils down to the usage of light during filming. Home-based content creation should be planned when there is just the right amount of sunlight during the day.

In a work-from-home setting, the sun is our best lighting source for video content. Get your shoot done during the morning or evening for the softer hues. If you shoot during peak noon when the sun is straight overhead, the stark shadows will hamper the lighting on your subject.

If shooting indoors, have the setup near a window or artificial light sources, such as lamps, which do not project overhead lighting on your subject.

Be Mindful Of The Background

A background which is cluttered or is made up of distracting hues can turn off your audience immediately. Ensure that the subject of your video is placed at a considerable distance in front of a clean background, with preferably a bold coloured backdrop.

Develop Your Screen Presence

If you are planning to appear on the video, it is important to work on your body language and improve the way you carry yourself on screen. Regular practice will help you get over the anxiety and restlessness and appear more confident while shooting your content.

Don’t Go Overboard With Editing

Editing is undoubtedly an important aspect of video content creation – be it to improve the look and feel, making scene transitions seamless or to cut out unwanted sounds and distractions. However, too much random editing can also make the video appear unprofessional, jarring and displeasing.

Hope you find these video techniques useful to implement at home, in times when we all are willing to consume as much content as possible.

So stay home and stay safe, but keep entertaining your followers by creating beautiful content while being at home!

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