Got A Knack For Audio Content? Here Are The Best Indian Podcasters For You

So, podcasts are a thing now! We humans have evolved to a point where we can listen to someone talk for hours, willingly. In fact, we even pay them for it. But god forbid if your mother tells you to move a dish more than once. Or your partner asks you to get the wet towel off the bed. No judgement, just putting things in perspective. Audio or podcasts are a very intriguing medium. Someone somewhere has also claimed that listening to podcasts is good for your brain. We have to agree to this because we are believers of Morgan Freeman narration supremacy. The man can knock your socks off without even showing up on the screen. 

The enjoyment derived from podcasts is not directly proportional to the depth of the speaker’s voice. But it doesn’t harm to have that as an option. Now that’s something that you would agree to, won’t you? 

Influencers from different niches have now embarked upon this new platform/medium that has been booming. The podcast industry is compounding well. People these days are always hooked onto one of the other podcasts that they like to listen to on their way to work, while driving, or even while working. It’s basically a white noise that you listen to very carefully because it adds value to you. Podcasts are entertaining, informative, educational, and a great escape for people who want to learn things but not from reading. 

Here are some of the Indian podasters that you shoul follow on Instagram

  1. Leeza 
  1. Bound
  1. Itihasology
  1. Naan Curry 
  1. Swaddle
  1. Indian Noir
  1. Dear Teenage Me

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