For All the Artbugs- Here Are The Top Indian Digital Artists To Follow On Instagram

Not to start an online riot or anything, but to be honest, artists are by default influencers. Pick up the history since Adam and you will know how influential art has been in the creation and development of society. (Brownie points for you if you decoded the Adam and creation wordplay) That would make these artists influencers, wouldn’t it? But is it the same as being a social media influencer/artist? Well, that’s open to interpretation…just like art *wink* *wink*

Cave paintings to NFTs

Art is significant in documenting evolution, making art subject to evolution too. The earliest recorded cave painting goes back over 40 thousand years ago. From that till today, many art eras prevailed and left their imprints on our perspective of art. 

Michaelangelo took 3 years to finish David. Today an AI takes seconds to create art. The bashing between traditional and digital artists is no skeleton in the cupboard. But the admiration of technology and its impact on art proves again- art evolves and so do artists. Art galleries are the harmonious grounds for both traditional and digital exhibitions. The choice of medium cannot stir us away from a monumental, poignant piece of art. 

  1. Bob almost and Almost Bobby
  1. Neha doodles
  1. Tyler street
  1. Debjyoti Saha
  1. Artwhoring
  1. Kidsquisdy
  1. Alicia Souza
  1. Sanitary Panels

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