The Importance of Perception in Influencer Marketing


Perception is the only thing about a brand which is wholly owned by the consumers. Brands can go the whole hog in advertisements, promotions and positioning but at the end of the day, brands are all about what their customers are saying and discussing about them. 


In-sync With The Trends

With overwhelming product options marketed across all social media channels, users are getting spoilt for choice and highly allergic to in-your-face advertisements, which is more of a distraction in social content viewing. The increasing use of ad-blockers has a direct relationship to the growing distrust with direct brand advertisements. So how do brands make up for this trust deficit and influence the stubborn users who refuse to get influenced? Brands are building up that elusive connection through an influencer who is already connected to thousands, if not millions across social media channels.

We all like to be in-sync with the latest trends and tweets celebrities are dishing out as viral content. For influencers and their religious audiences, the cycle of likes, follows and shares is a part of their daily routine, and this is where the brands subtly sneak in to leverage the amplified outreach, trust and positive perception.  


Cracking The Resistance Code 

Perception is all that matters today in the virtual world of Social Media, and no one likes to be left out of hashtag trends. When brands align themselves with influencers, who have personalities and characteristics resembling the brand, it’s easier to reach out to a target audience with a similar preference. Influencers seamlessly integrate the promotional products with their daily content on social media, and the brand gets perceived by viewers as an extension of their positive personality traits.

Not all consumers buy products just because an influencer advertised it, but because they feel that their styles match with the product and eventually, the brand. This is where the erstwhile customer resistance is overcome, and the perception battle is won by the advertisers, as they win it both ways. 


Be it a fitness trainer, a beauty expert, a travel vlogger, an enchanted food-lover or a natural celebrity; the world is hooked onto quality and engaging content. Brands today are successfully changing how they are perceived by their audience and finding interesting and innovative ways to thrive.



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