The New Rules of Influencer Marketing


Celebrity influencer Arielle Charnas faced a huge backlash from her followers when she retreated to New Hamptons after being tested positive for Covid-19. The community was disgruntled with her for ignoring the public health guidelines.

Influencers have always provided escapism from the real world by painting a peachy picture of aspirations, dreaminess, swag, world travels, and more. But with the world in distress, both the brands and influencers need to communicate empathetically with their community. 

For some time now, the beachy days are gone, and the art of influencing should take a more nuanced approach.

Be Sensitive To The New Reality 

How much ever we despise it, the world is overhauled with a new normal. Brands and influencers need to acknowledge this and change the tone of their narrative. The time is not right to post aspirational imagery of travel, events, exotic food, etc. and show privilege. For instance, an influencer posting about cooking with her kid or spouse will have more connection with the audience, than someone posting a throwback to an expensive event. Brands should be collaborating with the influencers to engage the audience, and start a conversation with them. 

Indian standup comic and influencer Vir Das has been engaging with people with his wit and comedy like before. But the proceeds from the sales of live comedy shows go to different non-profit organizations like Akshay Patra foundation, and more.


Don’t Be Selling

With so many people losing their jobs, the world economy in distress, and depleting income sources, it’s not the right time to be selling. Pushy product messaging and new product launches need to be put at bay with the screen time going up by folds.  It’s the right time for the brands to be educating their audience. Both influencers & brands should be communicating about the changing needs and how together they can offer solace in these trying times. 


It’s the New Escapism

Influencers have mastered the art of creating beautiful imagery. The new normal poses apparent challenges for them, but it also opens doors to a new kind of escapism. Influencer marketing should evolve from just being aspirational, to both aspirational and practical. Influencers need to rebrand themselves, talk about the real stuff, and add value to the community. 

With brands needing to engage more while the world stays at home, Influencer marketing has a greater role in the digital strategy of a company. Brands are realizing that they should be supporting and connecting with their customers even more. Brands that exemplifies their marketing will create a long-lasting impression on the minds of the consumer. 


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