Bibliophiles! Gather Around Because We Have The Best Bookstagrammers For you

What do you think is the best part about books? Is it the aroma which smells like a hint of vanilla? Is it the rugged texture of those woodbased papers or is it the beautiful sepia colour? Or it’s simply the joy of reading? Truth be told, it’s all of it, isn’t it? The name-calling associated with book lovers is pretty common. But you have to admit, anybody who doesn’t read, low-key wishes to be you. Because who wouldn’t want to have knowledge as their power, stacks of fantasy stories, and access to escape in fiction?

Who knew that being a bookworm as a kid will help you become an influencer in 2022? You can find bookstagrammers of many kinds on Instagram today. The book enthusiasts, readers, educators, analysists, reviewers, editors, authors, publications, all united by the sole desire to read and indulge with readers.

The rise of new niches in influencer marketing has left people surprised. They are glad to find a niche that covers their interest. And bookstagraming is one of those niches.

When did bookstagram become a thing?

The words ‘bookstagram’ as well as bookstagrammers or book influencers have been floating around since Instagram came into existence but it’s only now that it has come into the limelight. Hashtag bookstagram is as old as hashtag likeforlike hashtag followforfollow. The difference is that earlier it was mostly about those aesthetic, chiaroscuro style pictures of books. But now, these book influencers on Instagram are diving deep into learning about the contents of books and sharing it amongst their social media community.

It was during the pandemic that there was a rise in the use of the hashtag bookstagram and many accounts from that niche. Literary that was pursued as an escape from boredom now makes up for a huge chunk of the Instagram community.

Do these bookstagrammers make money?

Generally, you will not come across bookstagram accounts that are full-time book influencers. They like to do it as a part of hobby, a project, or to simply connect with other bibliophiles. Some of the bookstagrammers are already established authors, editors, publishers, or reviewers. Others who choose to make money as an influencer of books on Instagram often do sponsor deals promoting stationary brands or even books.

They use different types of content on social media to talk about the books or products that they promote, just like influencers from other niches. Instagram Reels, books suggestions, snippets from books, celebrating authors and their significant work are all part of the content that bookstagrammers can monetize.

For all those readers out there looking for constant book recommendations and discussion groups with fellow bibliophiles, here are the top bookstagrammers that you can follow on Instagram.

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