How To Take Insta-Worthy Pictures For More Engagement

Instagram’s best-kept secret is the stunning pictures it treasures. If there’s one thing WORD influencers love to do, it’s Instagramming. Every so often, they are bridged between trying to get the perfect shot and making it look Instagrammable. Capturing a great Instagram picture that catches people’s fancy is an acquired skill, as any influencer would tell you. However, a couple of research combined with practice can make you a skilled photographer as you’ve never imagined before. 

To truly make your Instagram feed look like a million bucks, it should have pictures that can get your followers to come back for more. With some simple tips & tricks, you can easily attain the ‘perfect Instagram picture’.

When You Should & Shouldn’t Use HDR

For the unacquainted, the HDR option in your phone’s camera exists to add more dynamic range to your photos. It balances the ratio between light and dark whenever you click a picture. While HDR can make pictures look crisper and better highlighted, it’s important to know when to use it. HDR can make landscapes, portraits taken during the day, and low-light pictures fabulous. But, when it is used to click pictures that are live that have contrasting dark and light ratio and rich colors, it can go for a toss. 

Underexposed Photos

Ask any photographer, and they’ll explain the marvelous benefits of underexposing your photos. The detail on your skin and tonal quality drastically improves when photos are underexposed. In fact, you should experiment with the exposure before you click a picture. A lot of the times, underexposed pictures give out a dramatic and detailed overlook. 

Filters 101

The secret behind an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed is the filters. Choose one or two filters that you’re most likely going to use more often. When a common filter is used throughout, it creates a strong impact by being constantly cohesive and clean. By matching your personality with the Instagram feed, the outcome will contribute to your overarching identity. 

Natural Lighting

If our influencers were to choose between natural and artificial lighting, they would definitely choose the former. Natural lighting adds a very candid vibrancy to your pictures, making it look intimate and impromptu. Time plays a very important role in deciding when to take photos in natural light. For an overall calm tone, take pictures right before sunset and sunrise because it gives your pictures a slightly blue tinge. The golden hour, during sunset and sunrise, gives you the opportunity to take the happiest pictures because of the warm glow it promises. For a hard or white light texture, the afternoon rays would be ideal. However, the heavy light calls for using a reflector to balance out the shimmer. Natural lighting can help you play with your pictures, which will eventually be of great service to your Instagram feed.

Say No To Flash

An Instgarmmable picture is 98% flash-less. Flashes make your pictures out of focus and very distorted, for lack of a better word. It’s mostly used indoors when the environment the subject is in is dark. The golden rule of photography is to stick to natural lighting, to click pictures, as far as possible. 

Perspective Matters

Think beyond a selfie or a portrait. There are many ways you can experiment with your pictures. It all comes down to perspective. Work with the negative space around you and blend minimalism with bright or dark hues. Thinking from a different perspective will give your photos an extra edge. For instance, for a particular object to stand out, place it on a colourful background that’s in contrast to it. Standing out has never been easier. 

Capturing professional photographs does not require investing in expensive equipment. User-friendly cameras have a way of giving you the perfect shot as long as you understand how to leverage it. Stellar photography comes down to practicing various camera shots and angles in diverse environments. Dive right into YouTube tutorials that will show you techniques to capture great photos. Having said that, you can easily level up your Instagram game by giving the above-mentioned tips & tricks a try.

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