These Are The Best Plant Parents / Plantfluencers You Can Follow On Instagram

One of the Twitter posts said, “Pets are the new kids and plants are the new pets”. If it’s not this then we don’t know what summarizes the millennial generation the best. This is quite an interesting argument but let’s save it for another day because today is about the plant parents on Instagram. 

In today’s word-of-the-day- influencer marketing edition, we present you with ‘Plantfluencers’. What’s that? Hmmm take a wild guess, it might be so challenging to crack, right? “Plants + influencers,” you say? Well, that’s absolutely correct. Being a plant influencer or plant blogger or plantfluencer or plant parent is now a full-time and part-time influencer marketing niche

Now, from where we see, there are two types of people. One, who think that people who love plants too much are cuckoo and then the second one with the green thumb who jump off with excitement just at the thought of getting a new sapling. So, plantfluencer as a budding influencer marketing niche has been a surprise for many.

  1. Madhavi Guttikonda
  1. Anushka Bhanja
  1. Jishnu Uthaman
  1. Ekta
  1. Lazy Gardener
  1. May
  1. Sumesh Nayak

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