Types of Influencer Marketing Niches

One of the most crucial things that define influencer marketing is niche. When people started using influencer marketing, they started noticing that it is ideal for niche markets. Even earlier when traditional advertising was at its peak, people did give importance to niches or others known as domains and sectors. For instance, sports brands would get sports players to endorse their products. But, this phenomenon could be seen only in a few sectors. 

Our memory of traditional advertising tells us that every ad campaign or TVC had Bollywood celebrities endorsing them. But now, the scope has widened and the future of influencer marketing beholds more than just popular celebrities endorsing brands. It is about bringing credibility to brands by using more relevant people, or should we say influencers. 

There are various types of influencer marketing niches available today in the market. It was there even more but we have more diversity and the niches are more focused. And the best part is that there are different types of influencers to endorse each of these niches. 

How did this happen? 

Nobody had really planned to make niches so important. But the people that we know as influencers did something a decade or more ago which was an alien concept to most. They started talking about what they like, they started sharing their interests and found out that there are plenty of people who share similar interests as them. This eventually gave rise to communities that belonged to a certain niche. 

While this whole ecosystem had become a great source of entertainment, it also became a great platform for brands to promote their products. As they discovered niches, they started understanding how to use influencer marketing for businesses. And then an upgraded version of the traditional advertisement can be now seen in influencer marketing. 

While there are many niches that have emerged in the past couple of years, and there are many more to come, here are the top 8 niches that can be frequently seen in the influencer marketing industry. 

  1. Fashion/Beauty

No matter how controversial this niche gets, it will always remain on top. Every year there are tons of new businesses entering this niche. And every year there are tons of influencers that emerge in this niche. While they are always looking for opportunities, they know brands too are looking for them. They have gradually understood what brands look for on their Instagram feed when they are finding influencers to work with. The brands know what their audience wants and which fashion influencers can help them to connect with their customers. This is a beaming and well-established niche that has a system of its own that its participants are well aware of. 

  1. Travel

Travel is an age-old industry and there has always been a significant amount of emphasis on its importance from all individual perspectives. People also know that the travel industry has always been important for the government as well because it is one sector that rarely sees a downfall. And we saw that drop in 2020 when the pandemic hit. But now since people are coming out of quarantine and taking necessary precautions, this niche is back on its feet. If you want to become a travel influencer, then now is the time. 

  1. Gaming

Not known to many but gaming is one of the most successful businesses at this point. And gaming influencers are the ones with one of the most engaging sets of audiences. This is a booming niche that uses many different platforms like Discord, Reddit, YouTube, etc. To be a gaming influencer at this is very competitive but once you build your audience using cohesive strategies and keep with it for a period of time, you will definitely see the growth for yourself. 

  1. Entertainment

The entertainment niche always has and always will be in demand. This is one of the most dynamic niches for the brands that want to loot the benefits of influencer marketing for their businesses can hardly go wrong with this niche. The influencers belonging to this niche create mostly relatable content that is engaging and highly shareable. Collaborating with these influencers will not mean that your brand will be exposed to a huge audience but it also means that the influencers will do it so innovatively that it is bound to leave an impression in the minds of the viewers. 

  1. Fitness

Fitness and health influencers are killing it in this niche. This niche can also be further narrowed down to a tighter audience. For instance, some fitness influencers can focus on yoga, some can focus on gyming, some can focus on different types of diet plans, basically, there are endless approaches to this niche. And hence, it also receives huge traction because who could ever miss on fitness? 

This diversity also enables brands to experiment with their influencer marketing campaigns. To find the right influencers for your campaign, you can use WORD Marketplace which is an influencer marketing that lets you handpick the right influencers. You can also discuss your quotations and negotiations with them without having to pay anything to any third-party. You can even track the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns. All you have to do is publish a campaign brief on WORD Marketplace

  1. Awareness

Awareness might sound like a very vague niche but believe us it is only diverse and not vague. There are a lot of people who share awareness about different topics. It can be political, social, educational, or just news information that people should be aware of. As a brand, you can collaborate with influencers from this niche if you want to create an impact of influencer marketing on consumers. The influencers of this niche are not just famous but they are considered a source of information and hence, they hold certain credibility amongst their audience. And that credibility can be shared by you if you partner with them. 

  1. Education

Education niche can also be further divided into more niches. This niche has influencers who are skilled experts in their sectors and make for a great candidate for ed-tech sectors to partner with. Education is a niche that is only bound to grow and has a lot of micro-influencers emerging. This is a great opportunity for brands to collaborate with micro-influencers from the education niche if they wish to achieve more from influencer marketing with less budget

  1. Animals

We have officially entered the age where animals are eligible candidates to influence people’s purchasing decisions. There are a lot of dog influencers present on social media and a lot of dog lovers who are now influencers too. This is not just limited to dogs but to all animal kinds. You will see a lot of influencers raising awareness about animal health, spaying, talking about the safety of animals, and animal rights. And you would have also seen a dog with millions of Instagram followers. That’s how progressive this niche is! 

The niches will not end, not anytime soon. You as an influencer have to figure out which niche is your strength and brands need to find these influencers to collaborate with. It is important that you know which social media platform is best for your influencer marketing strategy. The possibilities are endless. Just give it a shot!

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