Build A Sustainable Home With These Eco-Friendly Home Decor Brands

A few of the many negative notions attached to sustainability are- outmoded, exorbitant, and invariant. We can keep going on but the point we are trying to make is that sustainable products are precisely the opposite of these prejudices especially when it comes to home decor. What turns your apartment into a home? The door mat that you sourced from the local small business. The frames made from recycled materials that now add a charm to the smiles of your precious moments. The ceramics in your kitchen made by a local potter. 

Are you wondering why all these decors are sustainable even in this hypothetical scenario? Well, that’s because we know you love your Earth as much as you love your home. So, to make sure that your home is decorated without adding so much as a smudge to the environment, we bring you the top Indian sustainable home decor brands on Instagram. 

Sustainable products have been around for a while. But now they are more accessible and well known. Part of the reason is that the upcoming small businesses on Instagram are more conscious of their brand and its impact on the environment. Plus, there are so many sustainable influencers on Instagram that are constantly introducing their followers to sustainable/eco-friendly brands

Influencers from every niche including fashion influencers, lifestyle influencers, and skincare/makeup influencers are doing their part and working with sustainable brands on Instagram. For instance, you will see fashion influencers working with slow fashion brands on Instagram. When influencers promote such eco-friendly brands, they are promoting an agenda that is much needed in these dystopian times. Some may perceive this as indoctrination. But the idea is not to shove an ideology down someone’s throat. Rather, it is to provide the right options and help the consumers make a conscious choice for themselves. 

More often than not people want to be sustainable but they cannot because of unawareness. Sustainability influencers are solving that problem. And here’s our contribution to that with this listicle of top eco-friendly home decor brands we help you get the best sustainable picks for your lovely home. 

  1. Oorja
  1. Vrtta Full Circle

3. Amber Stitch

4. Junekeri Homes

5. Pinklay

6. Mitti Cool

7. Mianzi

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