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Today, on our #5MinutesOfFame session, we have the man who makes baking look like a piece of cake, Shivesh Bhatia. It only takes one glance at his Instagram feed to induce dessert cravings in you. This food blogger, author, and food stylist from Delhi allowed WORD to take a sneak-peek into his life and told us everything we need to know about the food icon that he is and his success story. Who knows, he might even inspire you to take up baking.


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Tell us an inspirational moment that made you the person you are today 

I don’t think there’s one particular moment that has made me who I am. I think it is the small events and the big events cumulatively that have contributed to whatever I am capable of doing today. I owe a lot of it to my family, friends, and everyone I have met along the way, in addition to the many opportunities that have come my way.

We all have idols we look up to. Who was yours growing up, and why? 

My Naani. 

All the love that I share with baking has passed on to me from my Naani. She has been my biggest source of inspiration. In fact, I even dedicated my first book to her.

What did you want to be when you grew up? 

Believe it or not, I have always wanted to explore the media industry because I was very curious as a kid.



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Who is your Instagram inspiration, and why? 

Linda Lomelino for her unmatchable aesthetic sense of photography.

Crazy #hashtags you’re hooked onto at the moment 

I’m hooked onto #stylewithshivesh

This is a hashtag that I initiated when I started taking online Food Styling workshops. It has been super fun! Which is why I will always cherish it.

2020 has been hard. What has changed in your life, personally and professionally? 

Personally, I have actually begun to realise the importance of giving time to myself and taking breaks to replenish my energy and thought processes. Professionally, I have actually changed for the better. During the entire lockdown, I managed my kitchen single-handedly and curated so many interesting recipes for all of you. I also managed the entire production process of so many videos all by myself and it contributed immensely to my confidence. It has been wonderful.



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Which is the dream brand you’ve always wanted to work with, and why? 

I have never had any dream brands per se, but the one memorable brand that I absolutely loved working with was Myntra when H&M was launched on its platform. It was my first venture into the fashion world and since then, there was no looking back!

Where do you find your creative inspiration from? 

There are so many names that pop in my head. But, in today’s world, with the growth of social media and idea-sharing platforms, you get inspired by so many people and thoughts. Honestly, it’s an endless process. In general, all the love that I get whenever I push out any recipe really motivates me to keep on experimenting.



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If not an influencer, which career path would you have chosen? 

Definitely something in the media and mass communication world!

How would you like to be remembered? 

Since I am a self-taught baker, I have always emphasised on how easy baking is when you understand the basics, especially when you are introduced to the right recipe. I wish to be remembered as that someone who changed the definition of baking from a difficult hobby to an easy, therapeutic one!



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