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Today on #5MinutesOfFame, we have the happy-to-go-lucky blogger, Aakriti Rana. This ‘chota packet bada dhamaka’ woman has tried her hand at everything –  fashion and beauty blogging, styling, graphic designing, modelling, photography, with travelling being her ultimate love! Aakriti’s claim to fame has been nothing short of incredible. 

Having worked with well-known fashion, luxury houses in the country and collaborated with international jewellery and beauty retailers, she has carved her niche in the fashion and beauty space. Moreover, her stylised form of photography makes her one of the most brilliant influencers in the industry today.

Let’s hear it for Aakriti Rana!

Tell us an inspirational moment that made you the person you are today 

There was a point in my life when I was doing a full-time job as a trainee in an advertising firm where they drained a lot of my energy. I was not very happy, but it was around that same that I was building my blog. When they were going to make me a permanent employee, I had to decide whether I wanted to work for someone else or take the risk, be my boss, and do something that I loved.

 To date, I am so grateful and glad that I choose the latter.

We all have idols we look up to. Who was yours growing up, and why? 

My father has been my role model since day one.

He is extremely hard-working, very patient, and surprisingly, very creative, as well. He paints and puts in a lot of his energies into his artwork. I’ve grown up watching him motivate us to bring out the creative best in us. He wasn’t the kind of the father who would only push his children to study. He would encourage us to participate in various co-curricular activities too. 

There are a lot of things that I have learned from him. I have captured that very energetic, and motivating persona and utilised it for building my creativity. So, yes, he will forever be my idol.



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What did you want to be when you grew up? 

I have always been very creative. So, growing up, I wanted to be a model. But when that vision wore off, I wanted to pursue fashion designing. You won’t believe, I also visioned myself as a graphic designer and working in advertising (which I did, partly).

I wanted to do a whole bunch of things in the creative field. 

Who is your Instagram inspiration, and why? 

There are so many amazing content creators out there who are creating brilliant pieces of content. I keep taking inspiration from everyone I come across because each one of them has their own set of uniqueness. I follow a bunch of people, and I pick my inspiration from the best of the lot.



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Crazy #hashtags you’re hooked onto at the moment 

My hashtag following craze changes every odd day only because there are so many trends that pop up every day. So, I follow hashtags when they trend because I, too, would love to be a part of it and add a dash of my creative touch to it. 

Being a content creator, you have to stay up to date and create content that people love watching. And, following trending hashtags are the way to go!

2020 has been hard. What has changed in your life, personally and professionally? 

I’ve grown a lot because I thought I wasn’t the kind of person who couldn’t spend time alone. I was always in need of good company, and consistently wanting to travel. But then, I realised that it had all lot to do with my FOMO, and other people having fun. When we all had to stay at home, I realised that I was genuinely happy to spend time with myself and enjoy my own company. My FOMO stemmed from the fact that I was probably looking at how other people were living their life. It’s been an amazing six months, where I was all by myself, loving every moment. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work on myself.

Professionally, I managed to break a lot of creative barriers because of the ample time I had at my perusal. I experimented with my content at home, utilising the little space that I have, creatively. I also started understanding my audience way better because I was spending more time on social media and understanding what they liked watching.

Overall, I think I’ve grown in every aspect.



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Which is the dream brand you’ve always wanted to work with, and why? 

For me, being in this profession has always been about sharing my creativity. If you’ve noticed my feed, you’ll realise how much I love to experiment with my content. I am only here because it seemed like the perfect platform to showcase my work, to put out something great and add value to people’s lives. I am not here to be a part of the ‘Instagram creator race’.

So, my sole purpose has never been about working with brands. But, if they come to me, I will always be grateful.

Where do you find your creative inspiration from? 

My creative inspiration comes from every place possible. Once you become a content creator, you see a lot more content other people don’t usually come across. I spend a lot of time looking at other people’s content on Instagram and Pinterest, draw inspiration from them, and incorporate it in my way. I have that keen eye to find that secret, creative ingredient everywhere.



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If not an influencer, which career path would you have chosen? 

If not an influencer, young Aakriti would become a Graphic Designer or a Fashion Designer. Now, I would probably say that I would have become a Psychotherapist because I have this new-found love for understanding human behaviour and how social media affects people. I have been through a lot of things in my life, mainly because I have started to understand myself better. So, I have a keen interest in understanding psychology and would have loved to help people through that.

How would you like to be remembered? 

I would like to be remembered as a person who has added some value to other people’s lives; who was happy and content in every situation she was put through, and who wasn’t perfect because she put her best in whatever she did and helped people by sharing her experience of life.  



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