The Unique Work Of These Influencers Will Leave You Stunned

There are two sides of a coin- an expression that can sum up the influencer marketing industry in today’s times. One side says that the industry has influencers and brands in abundance and it is saturated. The other side says that now is the time for brand and influencers to get innovative and cut through the competition. If you ask us, we’d say we belong on this latter side of the coin and purely because we are always eager to explore the innovative work. Adding to that, standing out in the influencer marketing world, shocking the audience with unique work can be a very prosperous strategic approach. 

Appreciating uniqueness does not mean demeaning the mainstream

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Everything that is mainstream now was unique at point. The reasons why they are ‘mainstream’ is because they are established. That should not be confused with stagnant because the popular influencer marketing niches and their influencers continue to evolve with time and their audience. They all manage to find their people and build their social media community. Also, one person’s mainstream is another person’s unique. Meaning…

When you find a new influencer or a niche, it is new to you, even though it may be common for others. All we are trying to say is…Almost each year there are new influencers joining the fraternity and we are here to introduce some of the most unique ones to you. Alongside influencers we also bring you some amazing accounts that are going to stick with you 

  1. Krish Ashok
  1. Chitthi Exchange
  1. Worm rani
  1. Ananya
  1. Harshleen Jhans
  1. Zui Thitme

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