You Are Going To Fall In Love With These Ceramic Artists And Studios

Pottery is like metamorphosis. Turning a chunk of clay into beautiful and functional art pieces, sounds about right, doesn’t it? By that meaning, potters, ceramicists, or ceramic artists are no less than forces of nature that can turn mundane into exceptional. Potters and pottery are not novel to Indian culture. We all have grown up with matkas in our households. The history of pottery in India goes back to the Indus civilization. 

It has artform that has left it’s cultural impression throughout it;s history. Cut to 2022, this artform still prevails and now as a very unique influencer marketing niche. Earlier known as a rural occupation, pottery now made it to social media platforms. 

Amongst the varied types of social media content that we see on Instagram, watching ceramic artists throw clay on their wheels and work their magic has been a favourite amongst many ceramic enthusiasts. Indian ceramic artists on Instagram have built their social media community over the years. 

Pottery is an art form that has charmed the local streets of rural villages for ages. Social media gives a chance for the local workers, local businesses to reach more people, excel their businesses. Hence, alongside many ceramic artists or ceramic influencers, you will also see small businesses on Instagram of the same niche. 

Here’s how this rising new niche of influencer marketing became successful

Instagram Reels play a huge role in this. This Instagram feature has helped many influencers and businesses get visibility. It is now easy for them to generate leads from content creation. If you are an influencer or a business form this niche or any niche, learnign how to make Instagram reels, learning the pros and cons of Instagram Reels can help you shape your content and your future triumphs on the platform.  

Now! For all those pottery aspirants, if you were looking for inspirations or you want to learn pottery, then these Indian ceramics influencers and pottery studios can help you embark on that journey. 

  1. Nikita Dawar
  1. Curators Of Clay
  1. Andretta Pottery
  1. Anumita

5. The Tiny Clay Inn

6. Clay Station Bangalore

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