The rise of new niches in Influencer Marketing

At the beginning of influencer marketing, there weren’t many niches on social media. Or even if there were, they had not gained momentum, not until a couple of years ago. Some of the most common and dominant niches that we saw in the beginning stages of influencer marketing were fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, etc. But right now, the niches are extremely varied. The advent of new niches in influencer marketing has only proven the fact there is a set of audiences out there for all kinds of content.

We know many fashion influencers, we follow a lot of lifestyle influencers, we might also be inspired by quite a few travel influencers, but there are so many other niches that we have today and it’s high we expand our horizons of consuming content from different niches of influencer marketing.

In recent times we have seen some unique niches in the influencer marketing industry like parenting influencers, LGBTQ bloggers, vegan food bloggers, etc. Here are some of the new niches that have been around for a while but it’s only recently that they have taken social media by storm.

  1. Art

Don’t you think that art makes the world a better place? Turns out, it also makes the digital world a better place. You would be surprised to see the number of art influencers and artists that you will come across on social media. This is not just limited to digital or traditional artists, it is inclusive of performing arts, ceramics, culinary, handicrafts, and so much more. The rise of this niche has been a big help for small businesses on Instagram who started something out of the box because now they have the support of the art influencers that not only inspire people with their art but also do brand promotions.

2. Healthcare

We all can see that healthcare is the need for the hour. But besides the need for infrastructure, technology, and doctors, we also need to learn the basics about healthcare. Many healthcare influencers online are dedicated to creating content about health-related topics, busting myths, and suggesting the right approach towards a healthy lifestyle. They are also a credible source of education and news.

3. Sex Education

In today’s time, there are many influencers who are breaking the stereotypes, going against unfair societal boundaries to create content around sex education. They not only explain about practices do safe sex but they help us get back to all the education that most of us never received in our school. You can learn about anatomy, sexual diseases, consent, and so much more with these influencers.

4. News

Social media platforms have now become a credible source of news. This is because many influencers who are also independent journalists, educators, activists, news organizations have taken it to social media to capture the younger audience there. Today, the tweets are no less than news bulletins. You will come across many political influencers who stand for various issues, who constantly talk about current affairs, educate people on matters.

5. Automobile

The automobile is such a big industry, it’s about time that it has a niche of its own on social media. We see many automobile influencers in today’s time that not only talk about their love and interest in vehicles but also share their adventures, experiences, and encourage fellow automobile lovers to begin their long-awaited conquests with their vehicles. These influencers have integrated videos in their content so efficiently that this niche was bound to garner such a huge audience. This has also helped the brands in the automobile industry to include influencer marketing in their marketing strategy.

6. Career counseling

There are many influencers who create content just to help people learn better and build a life for themselves. One such niche of influencers is career counseling. This niche is not just dominated by content creators by also many educational and counseling institutes. They offer knowledge about international education, free courses, upskilling, international sponsored jobs, immigration, foreign residency, etc. They often host workshops and produce long-form content on YouTube to give as much detailed information as possible. They made education easy and help students, as well as professionals, streamline their future plans.

7. Gaming

The gaming niche has been around for a while but it’s been only a few years since it has become popular in India. The gaming niche is not just about live streaming games on discord or YouTube. It goes way beyond that. The community is not bigger and stronger than ever. There are many gaming events and fests that have taken place in India in the past few years. Given the current status, this niche is going to boom even more with a rapid speed.

8. Mental health

Influencers play a major role in boosting awareness and bringing people’s attention to important issues. Hence, due to the efforts of many Indian influencers, the mental health niche is finally on the map. This is one of the most neglected subjects in today’s time and also a subject that needs the most attention. Now that the mental health niche is growing, the stigma around this topic will gradually eradicate.

If you are a budding influencer who is still trying to figure out their niche, here are a few things to get you started:

  1. Find your interests and strengths.
  2. Follow the content of the niche that interests you.
  3. Start creating content and the rest will follow.

If you think that the niche that you like is not being acknowledged enough, then know that any type of content on social media will eventually find its audience. There’s an audience out there for your content as well. This listicle is proof of that.

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A few years ago we saw the rise of influencer marketing. Now, with the advent of new influencers and their interests, we cannot wait to see the rise of new influencer marketing niches.

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