WORD Challenging Brands to Be More Than Just a Campaign

In today’s tech-driven, highly digitized world, releasing an influencer marketing campaign is not as tough as it was a decade ago. With the help of social media platforms, brands started influencer marketing and everybody eventually learned about its reach. But a campaign is not just about delivering a message or an idea to a certain number of people. It is more than that. And that’s what WORD Marketplace encourages businesses to focus on. 

Building a campaign has now become a drill. It looks like brands have revised a textbook method on creating a successful influencer campaign and have attached their entire persona by their campaigns. While this was new at some time, now it is monotonous and might not be enough for a small business to keep going with it in the future. 

Speaking of that, the future of influencer marketing is filled with more experiments, creativity, and new faces. Hence, WORD Marketplace is challenging brands to be more than just a campaign and go beyond their textbook methods to be successful at influencer marketing. 

  1. Be authentic  

When we say that we encourage brands to be authentic, we mean two things. Firstly, it is important that a brand is authentic to its customers. It is important that as a brand that wants to utilize the benefits of influencer marketing, you are comprehensive towards your target audience, their interests, and needs. 

Secondly, it is important that you are authentic towards yourself as well. At WORD Marketplace, we have built an ecosystem to complement all your goals. But that is successful only when you are authentic and realistic towards your goals. Instead of just getting overwhelmed by influencer marketing, you can get inspired and create your own campaign that is more than just delivering a message. 

  1. Build connections

WORD Marketplace is an influencer marketing platform that is not only easy to master but also built in a way that helps you make connections. To find an influencer does not mean to pick the first social media influencer or a social media personality that you see. Using our inbuilt messenger, you can connect with the influencers that you want to work with and exchange your insights on the campaign. After all, it takes two to tango. 

To go beyond just the rigid process of giving a brief, receiving content, and going live with your campaign might not give you as good results as engaging and interacting with your influencers will. 

  1. Take control

We have seen a lot of small businesses being hesitant to invest a lot of money in influencer marketing, at least in the beginning. But as we said that with WORD Marketplace, you can connect with the influencers, you can also quote your prices as per your budget. Instead of being worried about the expenditure, we encourage you to achieve more with influencer marketing on a budget. Take control of your budget, decide your own quotes, negotiations, methods of reimbursements, and watch how everything just works out eventually. 

  1. Know where you stand

Once you know how to create a killer campaign idea and have launched it, you must also keep an eye on the results. WORD Marketplace makes it possible for you to keep checking for the progress of your live campaign right on the dashboard. The performance tracker will help you assess your campaign, generate reports, and you can use it as a frame of reference for your further campaigns. 

  1. Pay only for the final content

We understand that building a brand campaign and finding the right influencers for it is not easy. Hence, WORD Marketplace leaves scope for corrections, amendments, and changes. There are chances that the content submission you receive for your campaign brief might need some changes from the influencers. But you need not worry about it because you only pay for the final content that you approve. 

It takes a lot to build a campaign that brings out the best in a brand. And the WORD Marketplace has been developed by keeping all of that in mind. The platform is more than just a medium to find influencers. It offers you various services like audience intelligence, relationship management, in-depth tailored reports, and more that make your brand more than just a campaign. Come and explore the endless possibilities that await you at WORD Marketplace. 

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