Virtual Influencers- History, Future, And Everything In Between

“Out with the old, in with the new.” That’s how the world functions. And in our case, that’s precisely how the influencer marketing domain works. It seems like it was just yesterday when we were ‘influenced’ by watching our favorite Bollywood stars and veterans in advertisements on our televisions. And today, we have legitimate, socially approved (read social media approved) influencers doing that job. So can we say that influencers have replaced celebrity endorsements? And by that logic, can we also say that these influencers might be replaced by virtual influencers soon? Let’s take one thing at a time. 

Speaking of celebrity endorsements and influencer marketing, it may not be completely true to say that influencers have replaced the big hero heroines that we watched on TV growing up. In fact, influencer marketing has paved a new way for advertising for celebrities. Influencers from different niches and celebrities from different backgrounds hold equal sway over their audience. It’s up to the brand how they want to channel it. But can we expect to see this harmony between traditional influencers and virtual influencers? Is this the infamous AI invasion that we have been fearing? 

Let’s learn a thing or two about virtual influencers before we judge them

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