Building An Urban Jungle? Here Are The Top Plant Decor Brands For You

There are nature lovers and then there are plant lovers. Nature lovers like to travel and explore the world fuelled by movies like ZNMD and Journey To The Center Of The Earth. Plant lovers like to get their hands a little dirty (quite literally) and turn their balconies into mini Jumanji Jungle or as the netizens like to call it- Urban jungle or urban farming. 

Urban farming is a passion that has newly surfaced as a rising niche in the influencer marketing industry. However, plantations in the house are not a contemporary lifestyle. A small farm in the front yard or back yard, or a symbolic tulsi plant in the center of the aangan has been a part of our culture for as long as we can remember. The way we do it now is contemporary but the emotions are ages old. And thank Instagram that we have plant decor influencers, plantfluencers, and plant parents to guide us through it.

If you are new to home decor or plant decor, we have just the right people to help you with it. 

Best Plant Parents / Plantfluencers You Can Follow On Instagram

Home Decor Influencers On Instagram

Home Decor Brands On Instagram

Now that you have these fellow plant parents, here are the plant decor brands on Instagram that you can shop from. 

  1. Chumbak
  1. Eco Fynd
  1. Kiran Planters
  1. Nurturing Green
  1. Harla Arts
  1. Indian Home Studio
  1. The Decor Remedy

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