Word Marketplace Continues To Grow In 2021

2020 was the year of voluntarily staying inside. While it was fun for most introverts who got a legitimate excuse to avoid all social encounters, it also led to a downfall for many businesses. But if we have still had to look for the silver lining, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the pandemic was also a stepping stone for most small businesses. 

During the lockdown, we all saw businesses shutting down. But again, there are two sides to a coin. In the pandemic, a lot of new businesses are popping up. Many small businesses started operating from remote areas with no infrastructure whatsoever. And since everybody was in their own four walls, this system worked out pretty well. 

Not just businesses, but there were a lot of new influencers emerging throughout the lockdown. One can say that boredom led to this, but some would argue that the lockdown gave people time to stand still and that’s how most influencers got a chance to showcase their content. To sum this up, all we can say is that the world did not stop growing and moving forward. 

WORD Marketplace also functions on a similar ideology. As brands have decided to streamline their business with this new system where digitization has just gone up a notch, WORD Marketplace as an influencer marketing platform aims to support this growth. 

The future of influencer marketing is not limited by infrastructures necessarily. Brands are still moving ahead with their businesses and finding new ways to capture new audiences. Now, influencer marketing on Instagram has always been on top. But as we are moving forward, different platforms too are being explored, both by brands and influencers. 

How does the WORD Marketplace continue to grow in 2021?

So far what we have established is that there is an increase in the number of small businesses and also micro-influencers. These are the influencers that have just started their journey and are ready to explore the market. The same goes for businesses. As they have realized the benefits of influencer marketing, they too are on a journey to create a successful influencer marketing strategy. And WORD Marketplace offers them a chance to do that. 

With the arrival of 2021, WORD Marketplace has become a platform that aligns with the new ideologies of digitization. 

For Influencers

As an influencer, you are always on the lookout for new brands to collaborate with. You too have goals to establish and of course, money to make. WORD Marketplace has a growing base of brands for you to collaborate with. We aim to offer a work environment that helps for an influencer’s personal growth and opens more opportunities. 

With WORD Marketplace, you are exposed to multiple brands from different niches. You can go through the campaign briefs on the brands and understand their requirements. If it is something of your interest, then all there’s left to do is work on nailing your first WORD Marketplace submission

Using the app, you can also use the inbuilt messenger to contact brands and understand their goals better. You can take the lead on all the matters with zero third-party involvement. 

For Brands

Somewhere between content marketing vs influencer marketing, the brands have realized that the key is to use them both simultaneously. And to continue doing that they need influencers. WORD Marketplace as an influencer marketing aims to grow with the brands. To create a successful brand campaign, you need influencers and bloggers. WORD Marketplace has a growing list of different types of influencers that you can collaborate with. 

Just by creating a killer campaign brief and posting on the platform, you can find influencers to work with. Out of the many influencers who approach your brand, you can pick the ones that you find the best fit for your campaign.  

WORD Marketplace has built a cohesive ecosystem for both influencers and brands to grow together. For brands and influencers to be able to create, exhibit, and track the progress of their content is what WORD Marketplace aims to offer. 

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