Add These Female Fitness Influencers To Your Instagram Right Now!

When you think of female fitness influencers, is your notion just restricted to them doing sit ups and starving themselves in order to maintain their ‘figure’? Well, then you are just one of the many who have fallen prey to the stigmatized narrative of the media. It’s high time we change that, right?

Women social media influencers in India are taking over all the influencer marketing niches that you can think of. Even the ones that were perceived as ‘male dominant’ niches like fitness. Women health is highly underrated and a privilege in many sense. Social media is a platform that has become a course of awareness in this matter. For everyone with access to it, must make the most of it. But at the same time, be careful of the kind of fitness content you consume.

Female fitness and social media

Body image issues are common amongst people, especially women. One of the primary reasons is the long lasting perception of women looking a certain way and how it’s directly proportional to the value they hold as an individual. Amongst this world of unnatural expectations from women resides a small fraction of some rebellious, liberal, and reasonable individuals that propagate and practice healthy body image for women.

Every corner in your life you will meet some blockheads who push the wrong narrative about female fitness. Simultaneously, you will meet magnanimous, well-read, and pragmatic people who will convince you with their work that you do not need to conform to the unnatural societal body standards.

What is female fitness?

What is female fitness actually? And why do we say ‘female’ fitness and not fitness? It’s no surprise that fitness has been turned into a gendered practice. Men are redeemed fit by their own standards whereas women fall under many bifurcation created by the society. It’s the number of the scale or on the measuring tape that is the metric to decide if women are fit or not.

In a true sense, female fitness is just like fitness for others. The goal to keep your body healthy and treat it like a temple, as we are always told. However, female also comprise of being comfortable in their own skin, the mental struggle to defy the biased norms, to be able to fall out the restricting divisions of body types and owning up to however they are built. Beyond exercise is where you will find the true sense of female fitness or fitness in general.

Your body and mind will be shaped by the company you keep. Stacking all the dirt aside, we bring you top Indian female fitness influencers that comprise of incredible women that practice fitness in their own ways.

  1. Natasha Noel

Natasha Noel is a body positivity influencer known for her candor and bold personality on Instagram. She is a woman who hasn’t shied away from accepting her body for how it is. She has been constantly sharing her struggles and the continuous tug of war of love and living up to the society’s standards when it comes to her body. Plus, she is a yoga instructor and a YouTuber who shares all about her fitness to empower other women.

2. Sonali Swami

Challenging the common notion of “Women should not be muscular” is Sonali Swami, a female fitness blogger in India amongst the many who have prioritized their health over society’s implications. She is a female bodybuilder who has won many medals for the nations, she is a mother and a personal coach who is here to help women achieve their health and body goals.

3. Sucheta Pal

Sucheta Pal is an engineer turned fitness blogger. She is a Zumba instructor, a TEDx speaker and an influencer who started her own business. She is the founder of MOM.BOD.STRONG, a health guide built especially for moms to take care of their postnatal health.

4. Neha Bangia Gulati

Neha Bangia, a supermom, a fitness blogger, coach, a yogini- basically an icon in the new rising influencer marketing niche i.e. female fitness. If you have ever been keen about learning yoga and getting the right nutritional guidance then you should definitely follow her content.

5. Apurva Margad

Veganism and fitness have been a complex argument and when you throw in the fact that it’s a vegan FEMALE fitness influencer, you take that complexity to next level for many ignorant individuals. But Apurva is out here doing her own thing and subconsciously making remarkable point about plant-based fitness goals for women.

6. Swetha

Functional training and animal flow exercises have been gaining momentum lately on social media and more and more women are making it a part of their fitness journey. Thanks to female fitness influencers in India like Swetha that are trying to normalize this type of fitness training for women.

Every women leads a different lifestyle and making fitness a priority may not be possible for everyone. But the key to take it one day at a time. With these female fitness influencers you can begin your fitness journey at the your own pace and achieve your goals over time.

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