Make Your YouTube Surfing More Fun With These Top Indian YouTubers

Who is guilty of storing multiple videos on the ‘watch later’ list and spending an unreasonable amount of time watching food videos on YouTube? No, this is not a personal attack but an assurance that it is all of us. YouTube is a great platform to be on, for viewers as well as the creators. It’s entertaining, educational, informative, and a great platform for content marketing. In today’s time, we all know how important it is to integrate video content into marketing strategies as well as in content strategies. And even though there are many video platforms available today, YouTube still happens to be the ‘go-to’ platform for most.

YouTube is a platform that has content from different types of niches. You will find informational, entertaining, educational, humourous, and many more genres of content. YouTube has also become a favorite of most brands to use for content marketing and influencer marketing.

We bring you this listcile to introduce to the top Indian YouTubers from different kinds of niche and we hope that if not all, some of these will strike your fancy and introduce to some new influencers.



We are thankful for the travel influencers who decided to quit their old jobs to share their experiences with us and encourage us to have travel stories half as good as theirs. And hence, Varun has made it to the top of this list. He quit his old 9 to 5 job to start traveling. He began his journey as a travel influencer by first exploring Incredible India and then he moved on to travel across the world. He even had a travel web series of his own in Hindi that focused on sharing tricks and tips for budget travelers. He is also felicitated with the National Tourism Award by the Government of India.

Kritika Goel

Kritika Goel is your next-door internet travel influencer who visits the most picturesque destinations and never fails to capture the beauty of it for her audience. Not only does she share her travel journeys, but she also makes information content like editing, videography, budget, etc related to travel. She posts different types of content on her social media and you must binge-watch them all!

Fashion and Lifestyle

Juhi Godambe

One of the top A-gamers in fashion is Juhi Godambe. She has been a fashion influencer pretty much since the beginning of influencer marketing. She is the ‘OG’ in the business and she only keeps getting better. She is a fashion influencer who started her own business, she is a content creator who keep experimenting with her work. Her YouTube as well as Instagram is so diverse. You can expect to see videos of all kinds like fitness, health, food, fashion, makeup, and some personal content.

Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana or as most of us know her, that boho girl, is a fashion, travel, and lifestyle influencer who has played a significant role in bringing back bohemian fashion in the mainstream limelight in India. Sure, her style has evolved but our girl still carries her bohemian touch in every fashion style of her. A pro tip: when you sit down to watch her videos just grab a snack or some drink and relax.


Veggie Paaji

Tanmay Sharma or Veggie Paaji is a vegetarian food blogger who is bringing you the best vegetarian food recommendations to try out. If you are a fan of street food then you will love watching him explore the best Indian street food from different cities. Besides that, you are going to enjoy watching him do fun food challenges and try out vegetarian recipes.

Priyanka Tiwari

Who doesn’t love a goofy, funny, foodie? You will enjoy watching Priyanka’s content not just because she brings you the best food suggestions but also because she tried the most fun food challenges and she’s funny. She brings you great street food and restaurant recommendations with a touch of stories that you are going to love to indulge in.


Malvika Sitlani

Malvika Sitlani is a fashion, lifestyle, and makeup influencer who always comes up with interesting content and always the best makeup tutorials. Even if you are not a fan of makeup or fashion, you will love Malvika’s content because watching her videos feel like you are catching up with a friend and listening to them talk. They are fun, light-hearted, and there’s a little something for everyone watching her videos.

Chetali Chadha

Chetali’s YouTube is your one-stop destination for all your body care, hair care, and skin care needs. She is a beauty influencer who talks about the science behind skincare and tried to educate her followers to help them understand their skin better. Chetali’s content focuses on suggesting the best products. She gives detailed information about each element of the product and its purpose for individuals with different skincare goals.


Dr. Cuterus

Dr. Cuterus or Tanaya is the coolest sex educator you can ever meet. It’s because of the rise of new influencer marketing niche i.e sex education that we have had the offer to learn from the best. She addresses many important issues around sexual health, women’s and men’s health, consent, fertility, etc. She is a female influencer who is breaking stereotypes by talking about such taboo but necessary topics.

Bike with girl

How cool is it to go hopping from one bike to another! If you are an automobile enthusiastic or if you just want to see some interesting videos of a women influencer traveling around living her best life, then you should definitely watch Priyanka Kocchar’s videos.

Kesh art

If you ever want to learn art, make a career out of it, or just watch someone make the best drawings, you must follow Keshav’s videos. He is an art influencer who has tons of great videos to encourage young artists to learn and follow their passion. He also has many tutorials on his website and he often hosts workshops to teach art. His art style will strike anyone’s fancy. So even if you are not an art enthusiast, you can still enjoy his videos.

Now you can enjoy some refreshing YouTube binge-watching and discover some new interests.

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