You Should Use These Instagram Reels Ideas For Your Small Business

These days Instagram Reels are everywhere. They are omnipresent! It’s been almost two years since Instagram Reels were started. And they won everyone over in no time, so quick, that nobody even spared a minute to mourn the ban of TikTok. That’s the impact of Instagram Reels and hence, as a small business, you must not underestimate it.

Is there a secret recipe for small businesses to boom on Instagram?

It’s not really a secret but it’s hidden in plain sight. It takes a lot to make for a successful business in 2022. Every niche has a large number of brands and at every few months or quarters a new brand is launched in the industry. So in a market that is so saturated, one of the things that a business can do to succeed is stand out. But the question is how?

  • Unique product
  • PR
  • Influencer Marketing

These are some of the ways to do that. In today’s time, if your business is booming on social media, it is expected to gain profits too. After all, content creation helps in lead generation. But there are so many ways to create content. Then…

Why should you use Instagram Reels?

They help you build a social media community.

Instagram algorithm pushes Reels more than other content format.

In spite of varied pros and cons of Instagram Reels, it is an excellent short-form video content.

So here are some Instagram Reels Ideas for small businesses

  1. Follow the trends

“Following trends kills your creativity and innovation”. That’s not true. Following trends has a bad reputation. It’s been called names like mob mentality and copy. But there’s a fine line between copying and being inspired. Either way, doing it tastefully and giving the right credits can be beneficial for you. You should definitely follow Instagram Reels trends as they give your more visibility on the app. Be it the dance videos, trending music, art video, you should participate in it and align it with you business niche. At the same time, you should create your type of social media content using Instagram Reels. Because you never know when that Reel music of yours becomes famous and you become the trendsetter.

2. Reply a comment with a Reel

One of the ways to create engaging content is to make an Instagram Reels directed towards answering a comment. You can do this as a way to take your audience’s suggestions, use it to show a tutorial, or give a quirky reply to hate comment. If you have an eye for it, then these comments can easily be your prompt ideas for your Instagram Reels.

Here’s how you can reply to a comment with a Reel:

  • Go the comment, click reply, and select the camera option.
  • Record your Reel or tap on the bottom left icon to use a video from your gallery.
  • You can also use green screen filter by clicking on the top right icon.
  • Once done, tap next to edit your Reel and tap again to select the share option.

3. Add quirky voice overs

Instagram Reels not only have music as audio but voice over too. So let’s say you want to talk about your product’s description, or you want to add a quirky dialogue in the end, you can record the voice over along with the video and upload it. If it is generic in any nature, there’s a chance that it may be used by other creators. When it does, you Instagram Reel will get more exposure and so will your brand.

4. Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes are always a great way to talk about your business and give people an insight into your process. This transparency helps your audience learn about your brand, understand it’s value, and discover your brand story. The behind the scenes can be about your products, packaging, video production, etc. Aside from behind the scenes, you can also make tutorials with regards to using your products.

5. Reel duets

Reels duets are a great way to create collaborative videos. This is a great influencer marketing reel idea that you can do with any influencer or the ones that you work with. This format has been popularly used for reaction. So for instance, if you are a skincare or beauty, you can duet it with a beauty influencer’s skincare video and react on the same with just expressions, or text content.

And if you are looking for influencers to collaborate with, then WORD Marketplace is the where you need to be. It is an influencer marketing platform that has influencers from various niches enlisted. You can find the perfect match for your influencer marketing campaigns with minimal efforts.

Utilize these Instagram Reels ideas to make the most of the prominent feature and soon enough, your business will boom financially as well as on social media.

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