Can content creation help in lead generation?

When people began content creation, they were not doing it with the intention of turning it into a marketing niche or influencing people with it. What we see today is passionate individuals following their call by doing what they are best at using social media platforms and building an audience for the same. Furthermore, there are brands that collaborate with these influencers because they are the bridge to reaching their potential customers. All this was a far-fetched dream long ago for businesses.

What is content creation?

Content creation is nothing but combining certain information digitally for an audience. We often use this term in the context of influencer marketing niches however, it is not limited to that. Content creation can be done by anyone and not just by influencers.

So does it mean brands can create content too?

Without a doubt, yes! Content creation is mandatory. Everything you post on your social media platforms is content. As long it has certain utility to your audience, which means, as long as your posts are keeping your audience entertained, informed, engaged, you are successfully creating content. Content creation is an essential part of content marketing and influencer marketing. Now, if you think that it’s content marketing vs influencer marketing, then let’s take a look at this simple bifurcation of these 3 marketing strategies to understand how they are interrelated.

Content creation is the act of adding content to your Instagram or any other social media platform. However, just because you are creating content does not being it is being consumed by your target audience or it is helping to boost awareness.

Content marketing is the act of creating and sharing your content. Since the creating part, if done, the rest of half of the content marketing depends on how will you make this content reach the masses. It can be done organically as well as inorganically i.e by paid means. And one of the latter happens to be influencer marketing.

When you use influencer marketing to build your brand, in a way you are making influencers your spokesperson. When they represent you, their followers automatically trust your brand because they trust the source of promotion i.e the influencers they follow. In a way, influencers help you build brand loyalty. They are bound to click on that link of your tagged username and visit your Instagram page to check out your feed.

Here comes the moment of truth. When a user comes to your Instagram feed through an influencer’s content, their job is done. Now, it’s the impact of your content that is going to decide if the user likes it or not, resonates with it or not. If they do, congratulations! You have a new follower or a potential customer. But if they don’t then either your content was not attractive for them.

Do you see how influencer marketing as a part of content marketing aims to bring users to your social media page so they can consume the content you create and become a part of your social media community?

Now that we know all about content creation, let’s understand lead generation

What is lead generation?

A lead is the contact information of your potential or onboard customer. The act of acquiring that contact information through marketing strategies is known as lead generation.

Let’s say you are a small business on Instagram that runs a fashion store. You have just started your business and you do not have much information about your potential customers. Consequently, you need to generate leads to reach out to them. Every time someone takes an action to connect with you like signing up to your newsletter, subscribing to your channel, following you, logging in to your website, etc they are building a bridge of communication with you. Your parameters of leads can differ depending on your goals.

So how can you generate leads with content?

Create content worth reading

Blogs are an important part of content creation. To create a successful campaign, any kind of campaign, you need to include blogs in your content. These blogs can either be on a third-party site, your website or nowadays even on Instagram. When you create blogs that hit some interesting topics related to your niche, be it informational, entertaining, fictional stories, FQAs anything, you are bound to attract readers. When they read one or two or more of your pieces, you have got their attention. And when you get their subscription, you have successfully generated a lead.

Create content worth watching

If you have decided to integrate videos into your marketing strategy, let us tell you that it is an excellent decision. Short-form or long-form, all kinds of videos are a hit amongst a certain target audience. But, only if you are able to create quality video content. It does not necessarily need to include high-cost production, it just needs to serve the purpose that can interest your potential customers to become your YouTube subscriber or follower.

Create content worth sharing

When you create content that strikes the fancy of your existing customers you have the chance of making them your promoters. So now, when your existing audience shares your content, they are exposing your brand to new audiences, and gradually, it helps you grow your audience.

Along with content you also need to focus on creating products that are worth consuming, worth coming back for, and worth for your customers to flaunt amongst their peers and friends so you get new customers.

Influencer marketing can help you build your brand. It can help you get your content out there or bring the audience to your content. Content creation cannot be neglected as it gives your brand its identity. It makes your brand independent on social media.

With the rise of new niches in influencer marketing, brands too have the freedom to create unique content. Do not be afraid to experiment with your content creation because there is a lead for you out there.

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