What’s the deal with the Instagram algorithm?

Ever since Instagram, there have multiple updates. We say the logo change from a bland cream color to striking pink. We were gifted with the long-form video format with the advent of IGTV. Now, we see witness ourselves getting engrossed in reels and spending most of our day scrolling. But throughout all these updates, Instagram has also managed to keep up its algorithm game to cater to its respective audience.

When we speak of the Instagram algorithm, all we know about it is that it has a bad reputation amongst most users. Especially, small content creators or micro-influencers. “Why”, you ask? Because they have not yet figured out how to beat the Instagram algorithm. And even if they have it has been difficult to act on it. Just connecting your Instagram to Facebook is not enough to keep up with the algorithm. There’s so much more that needs to be done. Let’s start with the basics.

What is the Instagram Algorithm?

In simple terms, the Instagram algorithm is how the app judges what kind of content people interact with and how to show them more of that. Let’s say a user came across a small business on Instagram. They liked the product and decided to check out their Instagram page. Now the user likes the content, so they choose to scroll and check it out. They also check out the story and highlight sections because they seem very informational. During this entire session, the user has interacted with that particular Instagram page. The app takes notice of it and now when the user is back on the app, they can expect to see more such small brands.

This happened because the interaction was proof that the user found a certain value from that particular page. Hence, Instagram wants them to explore more of it. And that is nothing but the magic of the Instagram algorithm.

The Instagram algorithm has been very helpful for new influencer marketing niches

The Instagram algorithm tries to push varied content to its users. This has given exposure to budding influencers and the users have been able to consume more diversified content. In fact, it’s because of the changing Instagram algorithm that we saw the rise of influencer marketing.

So how to keep up with the Instagram algorithm in 2022?

Before we answer that, let’s understand that there might not be a definite way to always beat the Instagram algorithm and get an equal amount of reach and engagement, but if you keep up with the guidelines for long, it will work for you.

There are many do’s and dont’s for small businesses on social media to follow. They might not always align with the terms of the Instagram algorithm but no matter what types of social media content you create, as long as it is relevant, it’s going to work for you.

The Instagram algorithm in 2022 is very specific to each of its features. Hence, it is different for reels, static posts, the explore page, and stories. Instagram already tries to push more and more relevant content to suit the choices of the users. Now, all you have to do is make content that your audience wants to interact with.

What kind of user interactions push the Instagram algorithm?

  1. Clicking on the profile picture
  2. Likes, comments, share
  3. The timeliness of the content
  4. Instagram stickers
  5. Reel audio
  6. Time spent on an Instagram page
  7. Time spent on an Instagram post

Now that you know what’s needed to push that Instagram algorithm you should focus on creating content that makes your users carry out these actions.

  1. Influencer marketing for businesses

Influencer marketing is a boon for businesses who want to work along the lines of the Instagram algorithm. Content marketing and influencer marketing, both help you grow your audience. The former helps you stay relevant and the latter helps you gain more audience.

2. Keep up with the Instagram features

Every time you see a new Instagram feature being launched, join the bandwagon and use it to its fullest. That’s how many influencers and small businesses made it to the top using the reels.

3. Switch to Instagram creator account

If you are about to begin your journey as an influencer then it’s best to switch to the Instagram creator account as it gives you more insights and better analytics to understand your audience and know how your posts have performed.

The Instagram algorithm is not as complicated as it is expected to be. But at the same time, it is also not as predictable as people expect it to be. The key is to stay consistent and not worry too much. Because with time, the algorithm will show its wonders.

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