How To Make Instagram Reels? – The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

When Instagram began, nobody thought it would acquire such a vast user base for video content creators and viewers. Especially, in the case of reels. This was the ultimate Tik Tok replacer in most locations across the globe. But if we dive deeper into the statistics or if we were to simply open our individual Instagram accounts, we would notice it ourselves that even the countries that have Tik Tok have a vast user base for Instagram Reels.

Businesses on Instagram are indulging more and more into utilizing Instagram reels. This Instagram feature can skyrocket anybody’s presence on Instagram. There are a few paramount reasons why you should include Instagram reels in your content marketing strategy.

  1. Utilizing this feature can help you align with the Instagram algorithm.
  2. You are able to tap onto the small-attention span of the users.
  3. Instagram reels are an exceptional way for you to integrate video content into your marketing strategy.

Here’s a piece of observation that you may have missed when it comes to Instagram reels. The Instagram algorithm 2022 is designed in a way that it pushed reel content more to its audience. In fact, there’s a separate Instagram reel explore page for people to indulge in uninterrupted reel scrolling sessions. As a part of this, it can be observed that any user who is making their first Instagram reel can expect a huge blow-up on it.

That one single reel can increase the footfall on your Instagram handle. It can give you high engaging rates, intense reach, increased number of Instagram followers, all in one single reel. But that does not guarantee that your streak will continue. To receive continuous traffic on your Instagram handle through reels, you have to stay consistent with it.

Reels is one of the most successful types of content on social media

Yes, you heard it right. Reels is one of the most dynamic types of social media content. Every top influencer uses it. Every top brand uses it. They are not choosing reels over other forms of content or choosing Instagram over other social media platforms. In fact, they have integrated it with their ongoing marketing and influencer marketing strategy.

Most budding influencers today are exploring reels the most. Reels has also been a great source of entertainment and information for the users. They have discovered content from different types of niches, they have discovered new businesses, influencers that they didn’t know about before but are now eagerly rooting for their content. It’s been a win-win situation for all.

If you have finally decided to try your hands on Instagram reels, then here’s all you need to know about it.

How to make Instagram reels?

Let’s start by addressing the fundamentals. Unlike IGTV earlier, there’s no separate Instagram reel app. So you can carry out all your functions from one app itself.

Here’s how to create a reel on Instagram

  1. You can create a reel from scratch using Instagram itself. All you have to open your Instagram app and when your feed opens, swipe right.
  2. Here, you have the option to create and post stories, reels, posts, and an option to use Instagram live.
  3. From here when you select the ‘reel’ option to record your reel or upload footage from your phone gallery.
  4. You can add the music, effects, text, or filter and then post it.
  5. Apart from this, you can go to your profile and tap on the ‘+’ to upload or create a reel.

How to make reels on Instagram with music?

Here are the detailed steps to add music to Instagram reels

  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2. Follow the steps to create an Instagram reel.
  3. Press the music icon at the left center of the screen.
  4. Pick the song you wish to use and tap it to add it to your video.
  5. Select the part of the song you want to use for your video.
  6. Tap the white arrow at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Press ‘Share To’ to post it on your Instagram feed.

You should try to use the trending reel music to gain more traffic. This also means that you have to be very quick with creating your content using Instagram reels because as you know, trends go in and out sooner than one can expect.

How to remix Instagram reels?

The feature to remix reels was not available since the beginning. But as soon as it was launched, it gave an opportunity to non-creators to collaborate with other non-creators or influencers. You can make reels remix with anyone who has enabled the feature.

Here’s how to enable remix reels on Instagram

  1. Go to settings
  2. Then privacy
  3. Select the reels options
  4. Click on ‘enable remix’

You can remix reels in Instagram in only 3 simple steps

  1. Go to the reel that you want to remix with
  2. Click on the ‘remix’ options
  3. Record your remix and post it

Top brands using influencer marketing can make remix reels to create engaging video content. Brands can seamlessly integrate reels into their influencer marketing strategy.

Instagram is an ideal platform for a side hustle and features like Instagram reels make it possible for everyone and not just influencers to monetize their content using social media.

It’s been a while since Instagram reels has been launched and yet it seems like its complete potential has not been explored. This mystery will unfold with time. Till then, you can use Instagram reels and unleash the full potential of your content creation.

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