10 Sustainable Indian Brands to Follow on Instagram

Social media is many things. It adds to people’s personalities, structures their lifestyle, transforms their beliefs, keeps them informed, and so forth. However, this is the present idea of social media platforms in 2022. The phenomenon of social media is more than just a platform for sharing the humdrum routine to thrilling adventures of people occurred only a few years ago. And when it did, social media platforms like Instagram made it possible for humanitarian movements like sustainability to become a lifestyle. Influencers play a huge role in this establishment, indubitably. But, it’s not the influencerss alone. It’s the synergism between sustainable brands and sustainability influencers that deserves tumultuous applause to make sustainability a part of the influencer marketing niches

Fast life can be both a boon and a bane. It’s a far-fetched idea to completely shift to a slow life. But incorporating sustainable products into your life seems like a good place to start. The rise of influencer marketing niches was joined by sustainable brands on Instagram. It took years for sustainable brands in India to become a part of the dialogue or the narrative. 

Rise of sustainable fashion brands in India

When we speak of sustainability, our vast focus is acquired by fashion or clothing brands on Instagram. Sure, there are larger prospects too like the oil industries or the automobile niche. But, speaking on a day-to-day level, fashion brands on Instagram have been the center of discussions in terms of sustainability. Sometimes, they have been in the bad books while other timeless sustainable fashion brands in India have led the movement. 

What is sustainability in the fashion industry?

When we speak of sustainability in the fashion industry, we expect brands to create products by keeping in mind to maintain the integrity of ecological and social justice. This is more than related to the manufacturing process and the use of textiles. Sustainability in fashion encompasses bigger factors like fair labour wage, health, community, empowerment, etc. 

We all know of fast fashion brands that are gradually incorporating recycling as one of the prime ways to be a sustainable brand. It is not only the responsibility of the brands to be sustainable. It is as much of an individual effort as it is a collective effort of fashion giants. 

Recently, Indian thrift stores on Instagram have emerged that focus on introducing customers to eco-friendly fashion. Buying secondhand clothes is not a very praised notion. But the idea around it is changing as it is cheaper and sustainable. 

What brands can do be sustainable?

Aside from the Indian sustainable brands on Instagram, there are various other niches that have been introducing eco-friendly products. It is possible for any brand to be sustainable. But how? The answer to this question cannot be summed in a line or two. There are multiple factors involved to make a brand sustainable. The product, business model, goals, target audience, budget, etc are only a few of them. 

However, waste management, waste measurement, circularity, durability, understanding the supply chain, etc are some of the tips to make your brand more sustainable. It might be hard to decode what makes a brand sustainable if they are not transparent enough. Hence, today, many Indian sustainable brands have turned to Instagram to build a social media community of like-minded sustainability enthusiasts and to build their brand using influencer marketing.

Is Instagram an effective platform for sustainable brands to promote their business?

Sustainable brands on Instagram can make the most of this platform to promote their business by relying on the following tactics.

  1. Connecting your Instagram to Facebook
  2. Switching to business account on Instagram
  3. Using influencer marketing to promote their business
  4. Making Instagram reels

Presently, there are ample sustainable brands on Instagram that have had a taste of success by making the most of this platform. We bring you this sustainable brands list that is living proof that aside from ethical fashion brands there are many other eco-friendly brands that are making their contribution towards sustainability. 

  1. Brown Living

Apart from sustainable clothing or eco-friendly clothing brands, what other kinds of sustainable brands or products can you turn to? Honestly, the sky is the limit. Your one-stop destination for sustainable foods, sustainable stationery, sustainable clothes, is Brown Living. Their agenda is to introduce people to small but significant sustainable alternatives that can be used in day-to-day life. Their products also make up for amazing sustainable gifts. Brown Living is bound to become one of your favorite sustainable brands.

  1. Pracheen Vidhan

If you are looking for sustainable skincare brands, then your search ends here. Pracheen Vidhan is a brand that makes eco-friendly skincare products that are made from traditional natural ingredients. Most skincare and beauty influencers today are turning to sustainable skincare products that are not only healthy for their skin but also for the environment.

  1. Skrap

How about a sustainable brand that helps build other sustainable brands and events? Yes, it’s possible. Skrap is here on our list of sustainable brands because they help businesses to learn about sustainability, produce zero-waste events for them, and also help them organize workshops on sustainability to spread the knowledge. They recently worked with NH7 Weekender to help them achieve their goal of hosting a zero-waste festival.

  1. Phool

The upcoming small businesses on Instagram have been trying to align their brand values with sustainability. In fact, the upcoming content creators are also trying to explore the niche of sustainability influencer. Amidst this arrival of new brands and influencers on Instagram, we found this gem of a brand that is Phool. they started making incense sticks from wasted flowers from the temples and now they have expanded into making eco-friendly festive gifts, Holi colors, and sustainable foods. They can be your go-to brand for buying sustainable gifts throughout all your festivals.

  1. reChakra

One of the most promising upcoming sustainable brands in Inda is reChakra. We have all heard of recycling and people who lead sustainable lifestyles religiously believe in recycling and upcycling. reCharka is a brand that makes sustainable fashion accessories like handbags, tote bags, pouches, sling bags, from plastic waste. Their products are ideal for students, office goers, hikers, campers, and travelers. Many sustainable fashion bloggers are also turning to upcycled and recycled fashion products. Worth a shot, right?

  1. Bare Necessities 

Bare Necessities is a sustainable brand that has a wide range of eco-friendly, zero-waste products that you can get your hands on. You can find everything from sustainable skincare products to sustainable home decor accessories. Furthermore, you can also attend their online workshops, webinars, hold corporate events, get sustainable gift packages, etc.

  1. Daily Dump

Composting has been one of the top practices of people leading a sustainable lifestyle. It has given rise to the number of urban farmers and sustainable influencers like wormrani on Instagram. You should follow her to learn all about composting and you should turn to Daily Dump to buy all the necessary equipment that you need for composting.

  1. The Switch Fix

The Switch Fix is a hurting sustainable skincare and haircare brand that you can rely on for significant results. Their products are natural, chemical-free, and vegan. Their brand not only promotes plastic-free products but also strongly supports body positivity.

9. Dipanniki

Dipanniki is a women-owned business on Instagram by a mother-daughter duo who bring your handcrafted, indo-western, sustainable fashion. Their clothing designs are highly inspired by Indian culture and consist of many intricate designs as well as vibrant colors.

10. Kuro India

We all know the struggle of buying expensive lehengas and then not knowing what to do with them after wearing them once. So why not go for a more sustainable fashion option by choosing to rent Indian traditional outfits from Kuro? They have a wide range of lehengas and other outfits that are perfect for those wedding events you have lined up to attend.

These sustainable brands can help you switch to a green lifestyle in efficient ways. You can find products for daily needs without having to compromise with the quality.

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