Want To Go Green? Follow These Sustainability Influencers

Let’s see. You have been coming across multiple news around sustainability, many Indian brands selling sustainable products, substitutes for unsustainable products, and now you are intrigued to discover more as well as want to give this lifestyle a shot. If this is you, then you are in for a treat because we know just the right people to help you through your sustainable journey.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is a broader concept than one thinks. It has more to it than recycling old clothes, separating wet waste from dry waste, or not littering around. In desperate times like today where our nature is a the brink of destruction, even these small acts of sustainability can help build a better society tomorrow. It’s not about the intensity of sustainability but about the awareness and willingness to be good to mother nature, to be good to yourself.

In simple terms, sustainability means to reduce waste and making optimal use of the resources. Technically, sustainability is three dimensional comprising economics, environment, and society. Sustainability and sustainable development are the two terms that we hear often. They are usually interchangeable, however, they have a significant distinction.

Sustainability is the long-term goal and sustainable development is the necessary steps taken to accomplish the former- as explained by UNESCO. Many government initiatives lead to sustainable development. One of the most prominent initiative that we all are aware of is the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan.

How can one lead a sustainable lifestyle?

Global and national initiatives are doing their bit on a broader level. But what about the ground level? That’s something w have to achieve on our own or as a community. Doing very little can go a long way than one can imagine. Trust the power of ripple effect.

Practicing sustainable is secondary to being aware of the current unsustainable practices. Allow us to elaborate.

It is commendable that you separate your wet waste from the dry waste. We applaud you for thrifting clothes instead of buying new ones. This is the bright side of the story. Here’s the other side that we often miss out on because certain unsustainable practices are so internalized in our lifestyle that they are hard to recognize in the first place.

While you are doing these sustainable activities, you are simultaneously also buying plastic water bottles, thrifting more than you need, consuming one-time use plastic. Ring any bells? Don’t worry, we are all getting better, one day at a time. You should continue to practice sustainability on your level and simultaneously reduce unsustainable practices. It’s not always about adding to the lifestyle. Sometimes reduction can be a good way to go about it. How can one do that? Well, we have just the right people to help you adapt to this lifestyle and discover more innovative, jugadu, ways to lead a sustainable lifestyle. But before that…

How did sustainability become an influencer marketing niche?

In the rise of influencer marketing, we have seen many new influencer marketing niches. Sustainability being one them. However, it may be a little different than you mainstream niches. This niche may not be much about ‘marketing’ but it’s definitely about influencing and educating.

Most of the Indian sustainability influencers that we bring you today repel brand collaborations. They want to simply use their medium to spread the narrative. While some of the other influencers from this list often indulge in collaborations promoting sustainable Indian brands on Instagram. These promotions are not limited to fashion brands, as we have often seen. They go beyond that.

However, what’s common amongst all these different types of influencers is that they stand true to their agenda and use their own ways to practice sustainability. And might we add they are highly innovative about. That very factor led to curiosity amongst the social media community and over the time, sustainability became a very crucial influencer marketing niche.

This niche is not as prominent other niches but the way these influencers are creating different types of social media content, they have managed to gain thousands and lakhs of followers in the last one year itself. Their journey from building a community of hundreds to thousands to lakhs to millions, is a quantitative proof of the boost of this niche that is sustainability.

Pankti pandey, zero waste adda, sustainability influencer holding a placard on world environement day
  1. Pankti Pandey

Pankti Pandey is zero waste practitioner who has been at this for years. Through her content on Instagram, she is always trying to show the easiest and pragmatic ways to shift to sustainability. She offers many domestic and DIY approaches for people to practice sustainability within the four walls of their homes.

2. Satvick Movement

Satvick Movement is a sustainability Instagram page run by a couple influencer who share educational content around green, eco-friendly living. They also share healthy, vegan recipes for people to try out with minimum to zero waste generation. Some of their other content also includes identifying and knowing your food, DIY eco-friendly solutions for cosmetic products, and ways to lead a simple, sattvic life.

3. Worm Rani

Worm Rani or vani Murthy is one of those influencers that turn heads for their unconventional work. You will often see her promoting composting, ways to do it, small businesses on Instagram that sell related products, she often hosts workshops for the same that are a must to attend.

4. Nayana Premnath

Nayana Premnath is a sustainability Youtuber, a vegan influencer, and a TEDx speaker. Through her content she helps the new sustainability practitioners to cope with the hurdles and get accustomed to the lifestyle hassle-free. She helps her followers look beyond marketing gimmicks and understand the true value of products from environment perspective.

5. Sonika Bhasin

Sonika Bhasin is a sustainability practitioner on Instagram and a parent influencer. Her content helps individuals as well as parents to learn and teach about sustainability from a very young age. She’s out here shaping young and grown-up minds to help everyone go green.

6. Vasuki Iyengar

Vasuki is a composter who tried to promote this eco-friendly, zero-waste practice through his content. Plus, he also works towards building community composting. This is not an individual activity as it can be done collectively in urban cooperative societies as well. To know all about it, you must follow his content.

7. Soumya

Gharelu nuske combined with science, who can say no to that? Soumya talks all about simple living and eradicating unhygienic, unsustainable practices through her posts. Whoever thinks that sustainable lifestyle demands a huge compromise, must follow Soumya as she is busting that myth one post at a time.

8. Ripu Daman Bevli

Ripu Daman Bevli is a promotor of sustainable living, a travel influencer, and he brings to you something known as plogging. It simply means picking litter while jogging. This is a fairly new concept in India but one of the most needed ones. He often shares his experience to highlight the importance of clean living for yourself as well as your surrounding.

Such diverse content creators! And they all have come together to promote a healthy, eco-friendly living in their own ways. We are sure at least one of them will strike your fancy and help you start your journey of sustainable living.

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