Top Indian Comedy Influencers of 2021

Comedy as a career option and an influencer niche has flourished a great deal in recent years. It is not just a point of entertainment anymore, it is business. To be a comedian is now not just limited to being a stand-up comic, it is more than that. You can see that many people on Instagram and various other platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, and Discord use comedy, sarcasm, humor, in their own approach and use it as content for their platform. A little wit harms no one and brands seem to be in big support of that. No wonder why comedy as an influencer niche is in such demand. 

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For all the influencers looking for inspiration and for anyone looking for some new entertainment, here we have a list of top Indian comedy influencers of 2021. This list comprises all sorts of comedians and comedy influencers that we have seen in the rise of social media and influencer marketing. You can expect to find some known people and some unknown that might just become your favorite entertainers. Here we go! 

  1. Aishwarya Mohanraj 

We know her from the famous comedy reality show Comicstaan but Aishwarya Mohanraj has become the queen of making the funniest and bitterly truthful relatable content. There’s probably no relationship problem that Mohanraj has failed to address and managed to give you a good gag at it. Oh and also, you can definitely take tips to be a fashion influencer from Aishwarya because she can manage to be a diva and comedian at the same time. Go, watch her reels. You will know what we are talking about. 

  1. Rahul Subramanian

From brand manager to comedian to one of the top Instagram influencers in India, we sure know that Rahul Subramanian is multifaceted. You must know him primarily from his many characters on AIB videos. Apart from that, you can spot him on YouTube with many other collaborations. And definitely, his stand-up videos are a must-watch. If even that is not enough, you must head to his Instagram because that is sure to keep you updated with trends and entertained. 

  1. Shreeja Chaturvedi

Don’t be fooled by her straight face because Shreeja can surely give you a smile, a giggle, and a good laugh. With her soft-spoken attitude, she can gently deliver punchlines that will not just leave you in laughs but will leave you stunned too. Her unique delivery of jokes is what you are going to love the most. Don’t believe us? Take a quick detour of her Instagram and know it for yourself. 

  1. Samay Raina

Samay Raina’s YouTube channel can become your regular virtual hang-out place. And if it’s your first time checking it out, we would suggest you kick and sit with some snacks. His commentary videos, live streams, and gaming streams with other fellow comedians are to be highly looked out for. 

  1. Prashasti Singh

Most of us knew her as a contestant from a comedy reality show, now out of the many things that we know and remember for is her fresh style. We all like jokes that we can relate to, right? Then there’s no reason why you should not look out for Prashsti’s content. You can spot her on Instagram, Youtube, Amazon Prime, and even on Netflix. 

  1. Sumukhi Suresh

When you hear ‘humor’ you think of things like jokes, sketches, acts, funny shows. Sumukhi Suresh has got it all. She is a fine actor, comedian, and writer. To know that, you can find her AIB videos, stand-ups, many appearances, collaborations, and of course on Pushpavalli. A combination of fine writing and great comedy is what Sumukhi Suresh stands for. 

  1. Danish Sait

While some know him as an improv comedian, others know him as the prankster radio jockey on Fever FM. Either way, we’d say you have a fine choice. Danish Sait has played many characters in many sketches that you can find on YouTube. But wait! Do not miss checking him out on his Instagram where he has some more of that going on that you do not want to miss. 

  1. Kaneez Surka

What started with The Week That Wasn’t has now evolved to many other things like The General Fun Game Show and stand-up on Netflix. Kaneez has been a favorite of most since the AIB days and probably even before that. Believe it or not, her blunt attitude makes her even funnier. Catch Kaneez on her YouTube and Instagram, because, why not? 

  1. Sourabh Pant

Can we just tell you that Sourabh Pant is hilarious and you must follow him on Instagram as well as subscribe to his YouTube? Would I be just convinced with that? No? Alright. Here’s what you need to know about him. Expect nothing but pure sarcasm and humor from Sourabh Pant. You know he’s really funny when you randomly catch him on various talk shows and think to yourself, “Man he’s so good!” while you lol. 

  1. Viraj Ghelani

You must have noticed Viraj Ghelani long back on Filtercopy videos and now you are sharing his every post on Instagram with your friends. He sure has a huge following among Gujaratis for his many posts around Gujarati food, festivals, and family. By the way! He’s not the only star on his Instagram. There’s someone else who’s considered to be more savage and love on his page. His adorable grandmother. She’s adorable, yes! But also full of fire. 

  1. Srishti Dixit

“Aye pintu!” is what starts ringing in our heads when we hear Srishti Dixit’s name. You must be living under the rock if you don’t know what we are talking about. Most of us know her from her Buzzfeed days while the others who have recently joined admire her for and know her from Netflix’s YouTube segment called behensplaining. And some also know her from her Instagram page. What can we say? Her content is everywhere and we are totally down to binge on all at once. 

  1. Shreyash Mendiratta 

Speaking of Instagram comedians, how can we miss out on Shreyash Mendiratta? He is funny, yes, of course, that’s given. But if you are a fan of smart humor, then amongst some other talents you might adore, he’s the one that you will definitely root for. You can find humor here in all forms like sarcasm, roasts, truths, characters, and short sketches. 

  1. Saurabh Ghadge

Amongst some people on Instagram who try to keep the Vine tradition alive, Saurabh Ghadge happens to be one. His reels are short, crisp, to the point, and riotous. His Marathi content will win your heart even if you find it hard to understand. It would not be an exaggeration if we say that his Instagram is a hub of stress busters. So, if you ever want to engage in some light comedy, you know where to go. 

  1. Neel

What? You want to see some more relatable content? Some more humor on society wale dost and Indians? Your wish is our command. Neel is really good at it. You can understand that by the first glimpse of his Instagram page. Don’t shy away from scrolling to the bottom and giving yourself some chill time. 

  1. Apoorva

You must have already seen her on your Instagram explore or you already follow her. The lockdown has given us many internet gems and Apoorva happens to be one of them. Her active dose of content for you almost every day will keep you going through daily chores with a huge gag at least once. 

These top Indian Comedy influencers keep us amused and assure us that the future of influencer marketing will see some more upcoming talents. We say you go and pick your favorite and go take a stroll through each of their content. It would be worth your while. 

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