Top Indian Vegetarian Food bloggers

Vegetarians! You are all in for a treat because just halfway through this blog, you are going to find enough inspiration for vegetarian recipes that will last you till another year. This curated list contains top vegetarian food bloggers that are adamant to keep creating and experimenting with the best of vegetarian and vegan recipes. It’s no secret that there’s a vegetarian or vegan alternate for every non-vegetarian dish. But there are so many vegetarian dishes that you could try without fussing about finding alternatives for meat. 

Here are all the top vegetarian food bloggers that are going to need to make your cooking fun and meals tastier.  

  1. Uma Raghuraman

Uma Raghuraman proves that simple meals can be wholesome, comforting, and easy to make at home. She is one of the top food bloggers in India who started her journey almost 20 years ago and now hosts her own website with over 1000 vegetarian recipes. Now, how cool is that!

  1. Shanthi Ramchandran

When you want to cook something by yourself you try to make it as simple as possible, don’t you? Shanthi here are tons of such easy recipes that do not take long to make or use many ingredients. Follow her to get your daily inspiration of Ghar ka Khana. 

  1. Nandita

Nutrition and wellness lie at the heart of Nandita’s recipes. You will find ample recipes on her blog that use healthy greens and superfoods. She has curated a custom Amazon store of products and appliances that she uses. She is also an author of two successful books- The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian and Everyday Superfoods. You can head to the link in the bio for more information and recipes. 

  1. Yaman Agarwal

You probably are familiar with Yaman Agarwal’s YouTube channel because it is absolutely hard to miss. He not only shares recipes but methods to help you cook with whatever supplies you have. And by that, we mean that he can help you bake using a pressure cooker. Yes! Head to his YouTube channel and find out how. 

  1. Hetal’s Kitchen

Are you someone who always makes everything at home instead of ordering from a restaurant? Well, then you are going to love all of Hetal’s recipes. She shares tons of Indian vegetarian recipes and frequently shares recipes of tangy, savory Gujarati snacks. 

  1. Vidya Srinivasan

In continuation of our series of home-cooked simple recipes, we bring you, Vidya Srinivasan. Pickles, chutneys, desserts, regional recipes, this is what you can expect on her page. She also shares many cooking tips and traditional festive recipes that are worth trying. 

  1. Ramya

Ramya is a food blogger who has made everyday cooking easier with her recipes. Now you can finally put an end to the everyday turmoil of deciding what to cook. Just one click and you will land on Ramya’s blog that has every kind of recipe you need. Just simple homecooked Indian vegetarian recipes. 

  1. Manali Singh

Manali is an expert when it comes to making Indian recipes fancy or making fancy recipes using easy Indian ingredients. In fact, she has an entire cookbook based on it called Indian Vegetarian Cooking With Your Instant Pot. We say go through her Instagram right now, binge through her recipes, and save all your favorites. 

  1. Manjula Jain

You are going to love Manjula for the simplicity she brings to her recipes and to her Instagram content. She can make food healthy and easy at the same time. Her recipes are very diverse. This means you can expect fancy kinds of pasta, samosas, and everything in between. 

  1. Nisha Madhulika

Is there any Indian vegetarian recipe that Nisha Madhulika has not covered in YouTube videos? Probably not but she still manages to come up with something new everything and leave us amazed. Dive into her YouTube channel and you will find yourself in the middle of some of the quickest and fun recipes to try. 

  1. Parul

Parul is another one of the top Indian food bloggers with over 5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She makes cooking easy with her many cooking hacks that you better get your hands on. Also, she has a variety of recipes for Indian sweets. Now we all are a sucker for a good Indian mithai, aren’t we? 

  1. Dassana Amit

On Dassana’s food blog you will come across many new recipes that you must have never heard of. And believe us you’d be more than glad to have found them. One such example is her recipe of Kahwa tea. Some more of her best recipes include Karela sabji, Oats smoothie, 35 different recipes from rawa, and more. Basically, you will never run out of options. 

  1. Meghna’s Food Magic

When life gives you lemons, make vegetarian lemon tarts out of them using Meghna’s recipe. And when life does not give you lemons, you are still left with a lot of vegetarian meals to try with Meghna’s recipes. Starters, main course, appetizers, desserts, baked, fried, you will find everything at Meghna’s Food Magic. 

  1. Smitha Kalluraya

Smitha can make dosas healthier and produce a flavourful chutney from banana leaves. WHAT!! Yes! She can surprise you with her cooking. And now you can learn them to surprise your family, friends, peers, and yourself using those recipes. You should also head over to her website and check out her blog son restaurant reviews. You will get insights into her many experiences with different restaurants. 

  1. Deeba Rajpal

Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on over 100s of eggless baking recipes? Yes! That’s right. Deeba Rajpal is a baker and curator of some of the most appetizing pure vegetarian desserts. Her Instagram feed is a blast of colours and flavours and if you look at it longer you would be tempted to all those recipes at once. 

Many of these food content creators are micro-influencers and have a following of loyal audience who loves them for their dedication to bringing the best of recipes for them. And that is what influencer marketing is all about in today’s times. 

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These top vegetarian food bloggers are your source of inspiration for not just impressive recipes but also to encourage budding food bloggers to start their journey. 

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