Top vegan food bloggers in India

Veganism has been around for way longer than we can imagine but it’s only recently that it has become a part of pop culture. It is a lifestyle debatable by most individuals and organizations. Some advocate it while some oppose it. But in recent years, the number of vegans has soared at a commendable speed. Veganism is a broad spectrum and people are still discovering their interests. There goes a lot of science and ethics behind it. But we won’t get into that. We will leave that to the experts that we have here on the list for you. 

To be vegan you need to learn a lot of things. And if you are someone who is looking to make a shift to being a vegan or is just looking for some variety of vegan recipes then these Indian Vegan food bloggers can help you do that.  

Amongst the different types of influencer marketing niches, culinary has branched out in many different niches of its own. When it comes to veganism, it has seen a boost because of awareness and influencer marketing. This fact right here bursts one of the top influencer marketing myths that it’s not for everyone. Whereas in fact, any brand or any idea can gain attention through this marketing tool.

There are many top brands that work with bloggers from all niches and gradually the underrated niche of veganism too has seen many upcoming brands and collaborations. When it comes to promoting brands, especially the ones that come from a less explored niche like veganism, the question is not about celebrity endorsements VS influencer marketing. Because a combination of both will create a larger impact on your goal.

The major reason that veganism gets bashed for is because of the stigma that it lacks protein sources. But these people will help you keep your nutrients, as well as, your taste pallets in check. 

  1. Satvick Movement

Just by the name, you can know that this page is going to be essential in leading your life as a vegan. Satvick Movement’s approach is to be close to mother nature. They provide you with education about health and lifestyle influenced by the Vedas. Their education doesn’t just include vegan recipes but it comprises a holistic approach towards leading a Satvik life. They hold a lot of workshops on yoga, diets, cooking, etc. 

  1. Richa

Vegan Richa is a food blogger who is very creative with her recipes and anybody saying that vegan food is bland definitely needs to try her recipes. You can make something as simple as lentil salad and something as fancy as lemon asparagus pasta using her recipes. You can also expect a lot of vegan versions of desi foods like butter chicken, malai kofta, 

  1. Umang Singh

“Plant-based diet does not give you gains”. If you believe so, then your notion about vegan foods is about to change as soon as we introduce you to Umang Singh who is a vegan athlete. He talks about many vegan brands available in India that offer good, healthy substitutes for meat. This plays a key role in not only promoting veganism but in building brand loyalty.

He experiments with his diets, his food, and believes in sharing all about it with his followers to make veganism and nutrition easier for them. Nothing too fancy, just household recipes and easily available ingredients. 

  1. Peepal Farm

Peela farm is an animal welfare organization and they strongly support veganism. They do understand that it can be difficult to get vegan food within the budget. And it is even harder to find affordable and healthy vegan alternates for items like cheese, butter, milk, etc. They share vegan recipes on their YouTube channel as well as their Instagram. Their recipes are easy to cook at home and extremely desi. You must definitely check it out. 

  1. Shweta

While curating this list we have been extremely careful about selecting all desi vegan and vegetarian food bloggers to eradicate the idea that veganism is only possible in western countries. And Shweta here is going to prove it to you. When you explore her recipes, you will be surprised to discover that many of your favorite food items are vegan. And the ones which are not can easily be vegan if you follow Shweta’s recipes. 

  1. Vijayalakshmi Vikram

Another stigma about veganism is that since everything is plant-based it has to be super healthy. But even your not-so-healthy comfort foods can also be vegan. Explore those and more with Vijayalakshmi on her Instagram. Her vegan lifestyle is not just limited to eating vegan food but goes beyond that. Interesting, isn’t it? 

  1. Surabhi Sehgal

Popsicles, stuffed pasta, pannacotta tart, kheer, what else can Surbhi make vegan? A lot of things to be honest. Her recipes look so enticing that you cannot resist trying them yourself. Surbhi experiments a lot with her recipes which means that you get a lot of diverse options. 

  1. Anjali

Anjali’s recipes are special because they are not only vegan but also gluten-free. Not all of them, but most of them. So, if you are allergic to gluten or just want to try a gluten-free lifestyle, her recipes can really come in handy for you. Anjali makes all kinds of vegan recipes but her desserts are a must. We say you start with that. 

  1. Aditi

Aditi is a traveler and a vegan. She not only has tons of vegan recipes for you but oodles of stories to share with you. With recipes, Aditi also shares the sources of her ingredients. Most people find it find it difficult to get their hands on vegan ingredients. Sure, you can make them by yourself, but if you want to buy them, then Aditi can introduce you to some of the best online small businesses that sell good-quality vegan ingredients. 

  1. Hema

Before you head to Hema’s Instagram we must give you a heads up about incessant drooling that might occur with every single scroll. You can find both easy and complex recipes to pick up from. You are a beginner vegan, or a hardcore, there’s a lot for each at Hema’s cooking station. The only problem would be deciding which recipe to start from. 

  1. Ankit 

Cooking can take a long but learning new recipes on Instagram reels will take less than a minute with Ankit. Most of his recipes are low in calories and hence, appropriate for anyone trying to go calorie deficit without compromising with the taste. 

  1. Reenal

If you are bored of recipes and just want to know where you can order some vegan food from, then you need to follow Reenal. She posts vegan recipes and also shares her experiences with vegan restaurants. Best of both worlds, isn’t it? 

  1. Sonali

Mothers are always trying to make vegetables fun, arent’ they? And we think Sonali might have just succeeded at doing that. She has made food vegan, nutritious and fun for both adults and kids. Her Instagram feed looks like every meal she makes is a feast. 

  1. Sam

People who are trying to maintain an active and fit lifestyle often find it difficult to combine veganism with the workout. If you are sailing on the same boat, then Sam can help you. His Instagram is very educational and helpful but you can also get personalized guidance from him. 

  1. Purvi Shah

Purvi is a food photographer who will introduce you to the realm of food aesthetics that you didn’t know it existed. No, this is no exaggeration because she is brilliant at capturing food at its best. She makes you believe that there’s a story behind every meal. Purvi often shares the recipes of her inframe meals which are of course vegan. 

Veganism has become so popular and not just become people support plant-based diets but because it gives you a chance to explore a different realm of food options. Hence, you will often see non-vegetarian food bloggers trying vegan recipes too. 

If you want to become a social media influencer and are looking forward to exploring the niche as a food blogger, we say go for it. The time is right and with the rise of influencer marketing, you are bound to create a successful career for yourself. 

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