Social Media Influencers that you didn’t know about

Word travels fast. And when it’s on the internet, we say it travels at mega speed. That’s true! Anything and everything can go viral on the internet. Social media is an indispensable part of the internet, it plays an important role as a vessel to hold information and blazon it all over the respective platform. So, it’s fair to say social media influencers are a product of this phenomenon. Social media is one place that can never be overpopulated but it sure has gotten crowded.  

Most of us follow thousands of people and pages on Instagram. Of course, we cannot and do not keep up with each of these users’ content but we can’t help it, can we? We see an interesting piece of content, we come across an intriguing personality, discover new talents, and follow them. But you know what? There are still some social media influencers out there that you probably do not know about. 

Since there are influencers from different influencer marketing niches, it is hard to keep up with them all. But if you think that your Instagram feed and your explore page have become mundane and you could really use some new content and fresh faces, then you are in for a treat. 

There have been many upcoming influencers in 2021 (courtesy of the pandemic). Some have gone viral, some have been successful to garner a niche audience. Some are fashion influencers while others are parenting influencers. The niche is diverse.

You might know some, you might not know some. You might think some are overrated, whereas others are underrated. This difference of opinion is bound to occur. But that does not mean you should stop exploring, right? So here are the top Instagram influencers that we think you might be interested in exploring. Entertainment, art, social awareness, you’ll find a bit of all here. 

  1. Yuvraj Dua

How often have you picked up inspiration for your comebacks from Instagram comedians? Don’t you like it when you learn some new lingo from reels? Get ready to learn some new catchphrases and discover some out of the most sarcastic analogies, because once you start following the comedy influencer Yuvraj Dua, the learning never stops. His relatable anecdotes and regular rants will keep you engaged and entertained for as long as you keep scrolling through his content. If you are in for a fresh new perspective from upcoming influencers and content creators, you should start by following Yuvraj Dua. 

  1. Govind Menon

When it comes to Govind, you are bound to like him for the level of relatability he can bring in his content. It makes you go, “DUDE SAME!” But you know what’s more appealing about his content? His subtle and soothing speech. The calmness in his tone and the sharpness of his joke are what will strike you the most. 

  1. Vani Murthy

Instagram influencers today are really keen on plantation and terrace farming. One of the influencers who has been a pioneer in creating awareness of organic eating and farming is Vani Murthy. And might we just add that she has one of the coolest Instagram handle names, wormrani. Her content is highly educational and she speaks about topics like composting, terrace farming, plastic eradication, women’s health. We might as well call her a food blogger as every now and then she posts her recipes using her homegrown ingredients and even shows you how to decompose the waste.

  1. Divija Bhasin

If you feel that people who give it to your straight are your kind of people then Divija Bhasin is going to become your new favorite Instagram women influencer. She is a therapist who is inclined towards changing the prejudice revolving around mental health and mental health professionals. She makes sure to hit all the right points. Be that talking about destigmatizing the opinions around mental health, pointing out the lack of infrastructure for the education of mental health, the representation of mental health in movies, she taps on all the factors that you can relate to. Oh and also, she makes fun Instagram Reels and runs a small business on the side. Give her follow and find out more! 

  1. Modern Mowgli

Anushka Mehta, popularly known as modernmowgli, mother of the canines, savior of the animals in need, caretaker of over 100 pawsome dogs, is an inspiration for most. From running to the vets, raising funds, doing rescues, making sure her dogs get adopted into nice homes, she does everything. The moment you start following her and explore her Instagram, you will come to notice that she is a compassionate individual who’s just out there to help animals. She has a flare in her words and she makes you understand things that are sometimes lost in arguments. Time and again, Anushka addresses issues like inhumanity, animal abuse, breeding business, indie dogs, and more to educate and start a dialogue amongst her followers. Don’t you think she’s the coolest?  

  1. Nidhi Nagori

Next on this list is an influencer from a niche that needs more attention. Career, life, finance, such heavy words, right? But Nidhi makes an attempt to simplify these for you in her Instagram reels. To begin with, let us tell you that you are going to be inspired by her own journey of moving from a small vicinity in India to working all over the world. Furthermore, her reels will give you many information about foreign jobs, education, free opportunities, job openings, and anything else you can imagine. Nidhi will introduce you to possibilities that you did not know existed. While her reels are short and crisp, for detailed content you can always check out her YouTube videos. 

  1. Swati Bora

Can you turn a rotten piece of furniture into classy house decor? No? But do you want to? If yes, then now you can. Because we are introducing you to Swati Bora, a lifestyle Instagram influencer, who is enthusiastic about DIY, interior styling, and house decor. You can often spot that Swati collaborating with many small businesses on Instagram related to decor and interior design. She’s an influencer who runs her own business, Furni-Blooms where she sells wooden, as well as, metal arts and crafts. Do check it out! You are going to be amused! 

  1. Pravin Habib

BMX is a cycle sport that was not so popular a couple of years ago. Even today it has a very niche audience in India but it is growing gradually. And Pravin Habib is an important personality on bringing this sport to the notice of Indians. When he began his journey, it was a lesser renowned sport than it is today. But he, his career, and BMX as a sport came into the limelight when Pravin represented India Chuncheon International Leisure Games, South Korea 2016. If you take a deep dive into his journey to become an internet personality and one of the best BMX stunt performers in India, you would be filled with content. No, not the one you see on the internet, the one you feel in your heart. 

Your preference towards whom you call a social media influencer, whose content you like, is extremely subjective. We are all exposed to content so often now that now we worry about the diversity of content that we consume. So, we hope you must have found at least one individual from the list that caught your attention. 

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