Top 10 Indian Career Influencers That You Must Follow On Instagram

Instagram can help you get your dream job or even if you don’t have one, it helps you define your career. Well, it’s not Instagram offers career guidance to it’s users but it has a plethora of Indian Career Influencers who can let you know everything about your career options.

Influencers are now building their careers by offering career counseling or resources to build careers to their followers. This is an excellent phenomenon and we are more than glad that career counseling has now flourished as an new niche in influencer marketing.

Social media influencers today are much diverse than they were before. As more and more people started their journey as as influencer, the niches got more diverse. And career influencers are product of that phenomenon.

How do career influencers make money?

We all know how influencers make money. They collaborate with brands, endorse their products under their influencer marketing campaign, and get paid for the same. But what products do career influencers promote?

Career influencers in India are working as both part-time and full-time influencers. Most people with full-time careers use Instagram as a platform for side hustle as career influencers. They collaborate with various brands and websites to promote career related products, apps, software, or services. Sometimes, they also collaborate with hiring companies or academic institutes to promote courses, job vacancies, etc.

How do career influencers collaborate with brands?

Career influencers in India started rising during the last few years and boosted when Instagram reels were started. At the beginning, there were not many brand collaborations that one could see in this niche. Probably because there were not appropriate influencers for the brands in this niche. But now by using influencer marketing platforms career influencers and the brands from this niche are able to find the right match.

WORD Marketplace happens to be one such influencer marketing platform that caters to this influencer marketing niche of budding influencers and many more. This platform offers excellent features for brands and influencers to meet each other making it easier for both the parties to stay niche relevant for their collaborations.

Top 10 Indian Career Influencers On Instagram

  1. Sandy

2. Nidhi Nagori

3. Murrad Beigh

4. Bani Singh

5. Hiral Sejpal

6. Urvi and Vishal

7. Shreyti and Shahank

8. Zeel Shah

9. Shilpa and Sachin

10. Harleen Bedi

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