8 Best Pune Food Bloggers/Influencers To Follow On Instagram

When we hear any mention of Pune we think of the rich Maratha history, Maharashtrian traditions, and the evergreen, ever delicious Puneri food. Pune is the second IT hub of India but don’t mistake it for a city of ‘geeks and intellects’ only. Because at every corner you will find a foodie enjoying the delicacies that Pune has to offer. And if you know the right places, you can find the most authentic Maharashtrian cuisines as well as many others. 

The rise of influencer marketing brought us some gem of influencer marketing niches and if you are foodie by heart, then just like us, the culinary field has to be your favourite niche. Now, now, this is a safe space. You can accept that gawking at your phone, scrolling through food videos on Instagram Reels is your favourite past time. Because same!

In the past few years, there has been a rise of new niches in influencer marketing. We owe most of them to the pandemic. While the world was locked in homes, some of the most prominent influencer marketing niches were started by budding influencers. And would you believe if we told you that amidst this new wave, there were many new sub-niches created under the food influencer marketing niches. Aside from your next-door food influencers/bloggers on Instagram, we have fished out some of the other niches too that are worth checking out.

  1. Top Indian non-vegetarian food bloggers
  2. Top Indian vegetarian food bloggers
  3. Top Indian vegan food bloggers
  4. Top Indian chef influencers

In this blog we bring you the top Puneri food bloggers and influencers for you to check out. But before that, do not forget to take a look at the top Mumbai food bloggers and top Delhi food bloggers too.

  1. Divya and Priyanka
  1. The Pune Foodie
  1. Ruta K.
  1. Darpan Chordia
  1. Parth
  1. Aditya V. Gujar
  1. Abhijeet
  1. Puneri Bhookkad

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