Why should you work with influencer marketing platforms and agencies?

Along with influencer marketing, came the rise of many small brands, new influencers, new niches, and of course, influencer marketing agencies and platforms. Businesses have accelerated multifold since the advent of influencer marketing. And these agencies have played a massive role in making that happen. They are the middle person this industry need to function seamlessly. They are the ones who offer the support of creative experts that create influencer marketing campaigns that leave an impression on people and brands.

But before we get into understanding all about the benefits of using an influencer marketing platform, let us quickly look at it what are these platforms and how are they different from influencer marketing agencies.

What is an influencer marketing platform?

An influencer marketing platform is nothing but an online influencer marketing tool that acts as a common space for both influencers and brands to meet each other. We have seen a lot of such platforms in recent times that bring two parties together. For instance, LinkedIn. It’s a multidimensional platform but primarily it acts as a space for job seekers and recruiters to find each other. It’s nothing very complicated and user-friendly. So are influencer marketing platforms.

To understand how does an influencer marketing platform work, all you have to do is use one. It’s that effortless. There are a variety of such platforms available online today. They are apt for both influencers as well as brands. These platforms have an array of influencers from different niches of influencer marketing.

With influencer marketing platforms you have the opportunity to bring diversity to your different types of influencer marketing campaigns. You can work with micro-influencer, macro-influencers, celebrities, anybody that suits your business goal.

Similarly, aspirants who want to begin their journey as an influencer can start by looking for brands on these platforms. You can start working with small businesses as they are always looking for influencers to promote their business. There are many influencers that promote small businesses already and have made it their niche. You too can do that by looking for such budding businesses on influencer marketing platforms.

What is an influencer marketing agency?

When we talk about influencer marketing agencies, what is your speculation about it? Do you feel it’s an infrastructure with a bunch of teams working together to create the most killer campaign ideas and manage its end-to-end execution? Well, if that is what you think, then let us tell you that you cannot be more accurate.

What is the difference between an influencer marketing platform and an agency?

One of the prime differences is that an influencer marketing platform is an independent platform that brands and influencers can use by themselves. However, an agency offers a much broader range of services.

As an influencer, you can use an influencer marketing agency for:

  1. Substantially growing as an influencer.
  2. Working with hand-picked brands.
  3. Working with a team of creatives and production in case you don’t have one.

As a brand, you can use an influencer marketing agency for:

  1. Creating your entire brand campaign, right from ideation to execution.
  2. Personally meeting influencers and having one-on-one interaction with them.
  3. Getting detailed analytical reports over personal meetings.
  4. To receive the ultimate guide to influencer targeting.

How to decide if you want to work with influencer marketing platforms or agencies? 

It is no doubt that working with either of them, is going to be beneficial for you. But if you are still figuring out which one of these is more ideal for you, then here are some aspects that you must take into consideration. 

  • Influencer marketing platforms are good for effective influencer outreach and to meet brands. But it also means that you will have to do many things independently. For instance, you will have to track the performance of your ongoing campaigns, negotiate your deals, submit a campaign brief, communicate with the other party, etc.

  • On the other hand, with an influencer marketing agency, all these services can be carried out by their team of experts. You can focus on other aspects of your content marketing or other business work. 

  • Working with influencer marketing platforms can be more economical than working with influencer marketing agencies. Since the latter provides you with more services and offers more attention to your needs, you are bound to invest more. But you are also more likely to return good profits.

  • However, if you are just starting out and you do not have a lot of funds to invest in an agency, you can always look for an influencer marketing platform that offers you top-notch services as reliable as an influencer marketing agency.

What should you look for in an influencer marketing platform?

  • Both the influencers and brands must check if there are relevant work opportunities for them on the platform. You need to be visionary, set goals, and based on that you should look for your collaboration deals. 
  • Since an influencer marketing platform gives you the freedom to manage everything on your own, you must check what features does the platform has. 
  • On an influencer marketing platform, you can communicate with each other independently. Hence, you must check if the platform has an apt inbuilt messenger service. 

These and many more other features are available on WORD Marketplace. This influencer marketing platform offers top-notch features and is a hub of opportunities for both influencers are well as brands. 

WORD Marketplace for brands

  1. You can find an influencer for your brand campaign by just submitting a campaign brief. 
  2. Once your brief is live, the influencers that are interested to work with you will send you their content for approval. 
  3. After approval, you can finalize the deal and publish your campaign. 
  4. You can keep a track of your progress using the analytical features. 

Also, it is easy to manage influencers using WORD Marketplace.

WORD Marketplace for influencers

  1. You can find brands from all kinds of niches on WORD Marketplace.
  2. Depending on whichever campaign brief intrigues you or suits you the best, you can send your content.
  3. Get paid on approval and keep a track of your revenue on using the platform’s features.
  4. You can negotiate the deals directly without any involvement of a third party.

Influencer marketing platforms and agencies have their own set of similarities and differences. They are both very powerful tools to help you grow. You can use either or even both of them together. Understand your requirements and you will find your best match easily.

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